Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day and a Laborous Semester

Keeping up with school this semester has proven quite difficult thus far, and I've already learned that without my Middle Level family, I'd never make it. There are 8 of us total who are seniors and we have every class together. We text, talk, email, and study together and make sure we all know what's going on. It's like a small, family-like professional learning community, and those folks are my knights in shining armor the semester.
It looks like the semester is gonna get even worse with each week.
Because of that, Hubby and I took a Labor Day camping trip to Grandfather Mountain and had the best time. He caught a HUGE trout and we made s'mores til we couldn't eat another bite. It was so fun. Pics are up on FB now. :)
I know it's probably gonna be the last time I do something other than study until Christmas.
I've been so frustrated lately. I feel like every single friend wants me to get together with them and hang out. I have no time to clean my house, be with my hubby, finish my school work, heck, I get 3 hours of sleep each day... how the heck am I supposed to fit in so many lunch dates and whatnot?! Not that I am not thankful for my friends. Lord knows I love them all dearly, but I just have zero time right now... I mean, I worry if I say no, I'll let them down, but really, I need to turn off my phone, lock my door, stay off facebook, & get my work done. I hate being so busy I feel like that!
I'm heading to bed. My University Supervisor is coming to see me and my mentor at school tomorrow, so I want to be prepared! :P May 8th is the goal. I have to stay focused!

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Melissa Venable said...

you can do it!! :) :)