Saturday, September 12, 2009

Frogs and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails

I love my neighborhood.
For once in a blue moon, Hubs and I had no Saturday plans and slept it. All the way to 8 or 9... and for us, who are usually up around 5 each day at least, it was great. We got up, got on the couch, both eating a bowl of cereal when all of a sudden I see movement behind us on the front porch, and there are little boys on the porch, 2 sitting in my rocking chairs.
I'm not gonna lie, my first thoughts were about Halloween and trick-or-treating for some reason.
Hubs, being in his element- he just gets little guys in elementary school, maybe because he is just an over-grown one himself- he goes out and talks to them and discovers they have found two little kittens and are trying to find them a home. Of course, with Bella and Mama's severe allergies we had to say no, but they these guys - both the boys (none of the three were more than 7 or 8 years old, and one had to be as young as 4!) and the kittens were adorable.
They stood outside talking about who in the neighborhood they had asked already & where they found the kitties when one of the boys says "Whoa, is that an in-ground pool over there!?" pointing to the brick fence surrounding our pool, left of the front porch. Hubby said yes it was, and started to tell them good-bye when the same little boy interjected, "Don't worry, I'll ask first!"
I laughed out loud standing by the door! Oh, kids make me so happy. And off they trotted to the preacher's house across the street. I asked the hubby why the oldest was in what looked like Little League football gear, and why they had practice so early in the morning on a Saturday. Hubby just laughed at me, and said that I was crazy, that sweaty, dirty little fella was wearing it just because he liked his football gear!
Moments like that make me excited for the day (way in the future, remember...) we have a little guy of our own. LOL.
They also makes thankful to live in a place where the only "disturbance" you get on a Saturday morning are lively, funny children wondering around the neighborhood with football gear and kitty cats. :)


Melissa Venable said...

HA! That's hilarious!! & too cute!!! I love kiddos! :) Can't wait to have some of our own too (later, though!)

Crazy Charm said...

Too cute! And how sweet are those little boys to try and find the kittens a home :)