Monday, September 21, 2009

Blogging at the Doctor's Office

This post has to be short because I'm currrently blogging from a kiosk in the doctor's office on campus....
That's right, I'm sick.
As a stinking dog...
It happened this weekend- it came on slowly, but now it's in full attack mode- I've got a raw, sore throat, watery & itchy eyes, cough, drainage, headache, the works. I went to school and taught this morning since I had no fever, but I'm seeing the doctor because I don't want it tp be any of this flu business. I was so excited that even though I felt like crap today, my MT said I was doing a good job regardless. It was nice to know that even when I feel like my teaching is not at it's best, its still good. I even got hit on by a subsititute teacher today. I felt like I looked HORRIBLE, so that made me feel a little better. It helped that he was really good looking to! HAHA! I know, I know, married lady! But still, its always a nice feeling!
Life right now seems like a massive juggling act, one that is mentally, physically, and utterly exhausting. I am running on about 4 hours of sleep or less each night (ha, maybe that has something to do with why I'm here at the doctor's office? Speaking of which, what's taking so long? I've written a paragraph already!!!) and I'm not taking very good care of myself, I know. School rules my every moment. It so exhaustinhg. I never get all my work done. One of the teachers on my team is an alumni and she said this semester nealy killed her as well. Joy. But on the upside of things, I am doing well at this whole student teaching thing. I bad an amazing formal observation to gush about soon, but I think they are getting ready to call me back soon. Until then, <3.


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Melissa Venable said...

Aw, i hope you feel better!!!