Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Our friends Chase & Heather got married this weekend. Jake was a groomsman and I handled the guest book. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, sweet, and totally *THEM*. It was great. Exhausting, but perfect! I was so glad I was able to help out. In every wedding, there is some sort of crisis, and what makes a good wedding (to me) is having a good "crisis aversion team." You know, when the bride never knows when things go wrong, or at least, it's all taken care of before she can panic... for example, someone forgot the music for David, our friend who did the DJing. All that was playing was Taylor Swift & Relient K for a little while, but luckily I had my iPOD and I had a already made love song playlist for our rehearsal dinner last year, so it worked out perfectly! The music worked with each moment! I am so, so happy for them.
A similar thing happened at my wedding. The junior bridesmaid's pom ball broke in half before she went down the aisle and Whitney & Liz fixed it before I even knew. Every wedding has something happen like that! But great family and friends who love you always come through, crisis is averted, and after it's all said and done, the only thing that matters is being married!
Being knee-deep in wedding chaos this weekend reminded me how much I LOVE being married, and how much I LOVE weddings, but also how glad I am that mine is in the past, lol. For the past year, I always thought about weddings with a sad, nostalgic perspective, like I was depressed mine was over and done. But I think I've finally realized that wedded bliss is a much more wonderful feeling than wedding bliss. I loved our wedding, every single moment. And I know Heather loved hers, and we both now have felt the joy & excitement of having your "big day." And, I can definitely say, having a magical wedding can't come close to the joy and excitement of a having a magical marriage.

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Melissa Venable said...

i completely agree!!! i am loving wedded bliss! as much fun as the wedding was:)