Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Little Update

Ah! Life is getting too hectic right now- I can hardly breath. Hubby's students start school on Tuesday, & my classes do too- and we have yet to even go back to school shopping. He just moved into a new classroom (2 doors down) and with it being so soon to the first day, I helped him all day yesterday. He moved all the stuff the day before and the next morning we began organizing and cleaning and by 4 pm it was ready for open house. Talk about a hard day! This weekend we're not gonna even have the chance to do anything either. Today I took a personal day so to speak and gave myself a back-to-school trip to Auto Bell. I hate having a nasty car when I start living out of it again. As a commuter, I spend so much time in it, it can get pathetic, and after a whole summer's worth of road trips & dog hair, that car was gross. Plus, my aunt and Mama and I are taking my car to a baby shower for my cousin on Saturday and I would have been embarrassed for them to ride in it! LOL. I'm also gonna knock out grocery shopping Saturday morning, and bake some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow evening to take to our church picnic on Sunday. On Sunday going to a housewarming shower for our friends Mark and Sarah, our church picnic, and I wanna get the house clean for next week, b/c Lord knows if I'll have the energy to while trying to get back in the commuter-groove. SO today I kind of treated as a relaxing, ME day before the chaos begins. I went to the local cosmetology school and got a 10 dollar hair cut that looks absolutely amazing. It's so cheap because the students do the work. The girl doing my hair was so sweet, she was a little nervous I could tell since I was asking for a complicated cut, but she was nice and patient and careful, she made a few mistakes but went and got her teachers to help her get it done. I'll admit, it did make me a bit nervous to have an amateur whacking my hair off in hoards, but the teachers were reassuring and upbeat and vigilant. I never felt too jittery. The worst was that because she analyzed every cut she made and asked for so many 2nd opinions, I sat in the chair from 9:45 to 1:45.... just for a cut! But it was worth it and I'm not complaining. I was so nervous- this hair cut is HUGE for me because it's the shortest it's ever, ever, ever been. I kept threatening but never had the nerve to chop it off. I was just determined this year not to have some teacher chasing me down for a hall pass, mistaking me for a middle schooler. I wanted a grown up cut, that framed my face, looked mature and my age, and gave my hair a style and bounce. And that's exactly what I got. The girl who did it was so thrilled that I liked it, she was beaming. It made me feel good to know that my hair cut was a valuable experience for her (she learned a lot from the teachers during the process, I know...) and for just 10 dollars! I was so happy with the cut I gave her a 5 dollar tip and she literally walked me to the door and hugged me. My hair stylist hugged me! How sweet is that!? So I'm pretty sure I'll be back. I still find it shocking that I actually went through with it. It's 6-7 inches shorter and it's a cute bob that hits at my jaw line. I love it.
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I snapped this picture as soon as I got home, before I decided to have a major change and go ahead and dye it as well. I did that just a little while ago. I always do it myself. I use Clairol Natural Instincts semi-permanent color in Golden Cappuccino.
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It's like an auburn brunette- dark brown with hints of red in the sunshine. A good bit darker than my natural color, but it fades well and doesn't show a root line. Plus it's not too damaging or expensive. I read all kinds of bad ratings and reviews about Natural Instincts, but from what I gather, most of them had already used permenant dyes and junk and it apparently doesn't work well at covering grays or on already processed hair. It's just great for someone who likes a little spice to the normal color. Perfect for me. Well, it's finally done and the color plus the cut is stunning to me. I like it so much. I can't wait to see how my family reacts when they see it tomorrow at my cousin's baby shower.
I had such a wonderful day- a fresh clean car, new pretty hair, and I went shopping for a dress for Heather & Chase's wedding. They are using browns instead if black, so I HAD to find a little brown dress instead of a little black dress. I found 2, a cute brown and white one, and a blue flowery print one that might match the color of the bridesmaids dresses. I'm doing the guest book and Hubby is a groomsman so I need to coordinate. Here I am modeling the dress and my new do. :)
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I guess I better get to bed if I'm gonna get up early. I still need to get my books, I've got Ambassador training, a lunch date with a classmate, and heck, I need to go pick okra from the garden at some point before the get too big and tough! If only there were more hours in a day!

PS- Sorry about the ghetto thumbnail photos, I was trying out a image hosting website. Don't think I like it! lol.


Melissa Venable said...

you are so cute! love love the hair & the cute dress!!! you're adorable! don't stress too much about school! i can't wait to hear more about it! what does your hubby teach? guess what? I have decided to go back to school & be a teacher. i just have been thinking about it a LOT lately to myself & finally talked to hubby about it 2 nights ago. i'm excited. now, i just have to get a grant. cuz i absolutely cannot do it on my own...

Breezy Bride said...

Oh, thank you, thank you!
THAT'S GREAT NEWS! I love it! I'll have so much to share with you- but most importantly is the TEACH Grant- 2000 dollars from the federal gov't for education majors. You should look into it! There are so many resources out there for people who want to teach! I know, I've depended on them! I'm so excited for you! What grade level are you thinking? Hubby teaches elementary school- 4th grade math & science to be precise. My major is Middle Level Education (middle school), and I'll be certified in grades 5-8, in both language arts & social studies. ;) I can't wait to hear all about this new path in your life! so AWESOME! :)

Melissa Venable said...

thank you so much! everyone is being so encouraging & i just can't believe it. you see, i dropped out of college 7 years ago b/c i just could not get it together w/ my studies & i couldn't pass math & science. i have said since then that science is the reason i haven't gone back. but i am just going to have to do whatever it takes. i hate hate hate office life. i want to be in a classroom. i have always said i'd go back to teaching preschool or daycare like i did when i was 19-25 but they don't pay enough to live on!! & it's just been on my mind a lot lately! but anyway... i want to teach elementary school- 3rd grade. i feel wierd saying that b/c when i was in college, i was an english ed major- wanted to teach high school english. & then i wanted to teach middle school english. but now, i want to teach elementary. i don't know why! haha. anyway- i don't even know where to begin! i have so much to say on the subject. i can't believe college classes start tomorrow & i didn't decide i want to be a teacher till this past week. i hope i can get grants like you say!

btw, do you have facebook?!