Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm sitting in a computer lab on campus right now, 3 quarters of the way done with my last first day of college. Classes are going well so far, but seem pretty dang demanding, which makes me worry that I'm going to be a bit of a recluse until I get into the swing of things... but I'm less nervous and more excited. While I was talking with one of my professors today, I had a realization. I'm old. No, not in age. Maybe it was the fact that this is my last year that got me thinking... In age, actually I'm still really young in the grand scheme of things, but deep down I am.
Here's why:
* I get up at 5 AM.
* Little things like sharpies, post it notes, and binder clips get me all excited.
* Nothing in the world is better than a nap.
(Ok, I just reread those three and and I sound like an infant. :P)
* I can chug coffee, but Z prefer it intravenously.
* I don't understand this "new" generation. Take my husband's 17 year old little sister. 4000 text messages a month. I don't get it.
* The freshmen here dress weird to me.
* I've officially stopped even perusing the "juniors" section at the mall... my friend Gabrielle and I went to the mall briefly yesterday and we both laughed at the this fact! I mean really, you know it's a sign when you catch yourself talking about how obnoxious the clothes are. I've gotten comfy in the misses sections now.
* Three Words: Control Top Panties. (LOL, Gosh, I can't believe I shared that!)
* 9:30 PM is getting late.
* My husband mistakenly calls Twitter "that Tweeter thing."
* The highlight of my summer was canning all those quarts of beans and maters.
* I hate going to Wal-mart because it's so crowded, and refuse to buy clothes there because they're too expensive.
* I hate missing my soaps. (Anyone out there a GL fan & wanna give me updates?)

Those are just the top of the surface. I saw a freshman run into the door of the library today because he didn't know that he had to scan his ID to get the automatic doors to work (obviously he didn't pay attention during orientation, huh...) and I realized I'm sooo ready to get out of school and get into a teaching job and start living my happy old lady life. I truly can't wait.

Ps- Did I mention I wanna join the Red Hat Society and play bingo on Friday nights? :) I love life. So many blessings now, and like a bottle of wine, I feel like the blessing I've been given are going to mature wonderfully!

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Melissa Venable said...

HAHA! I totally understand! & i have to say... yesterday, i went to lunch at subway which is RIGHT by the community college here. I'd forgotten it was the first day of classes. all i can say is, the whole time i was thinking how YOUNG those kids are!! CRAZY! Anyway, i don't know if you saw one of my comments before (on my own blog after one of yours), but FB wouldn't let me find you even if i put in the url you gave me! :( So look me up if you can! Melissa Perry Venable