Sunday, August 02, 2009

1600 miles later.

Our plans for this weekend had been to hang out with our friends Chase & Heather on Friday night, go up to visit MeeMaw & Honeypaw (Hubby's grandparents who live in the mountains) and see some family, & then head over to Mark's (Hubby's cousin) for a family summertime bonfire than night, and then go to church on Sunday.
But, it turns out, we ended up in Illinois. Yes, really.
My father in law, "Teddy Bear" (he's gonna love this nickname when he reads this post!!!) owns a big-rig and works for a transport company. He was pulling a grain hopper across Illinois when he blew a head gasket and his engine died. Teddy Bear, being an animal lover, has 2 cats that ride along in his truck with him. They happened to be with him on the road when the truck kicked the bucket so since he had the animals, he could't fly home or take a bus. And since he was in the middle of no where, he couldn't get to a rental car place that wouldn't charge him a TON of money to take a car to Carolina, so we really had no choice but to come get him. My mother in law called me & explained what happened Thursday night, but with Hubby working on Friday, the earliest we could leave was late Friday/early Saturday. So, Saturday morning at, like, 1 AM we packed up and left. Our friends, Heather & Chase still came over that night and crashed at our house (they were in town for a wedding) and we left & they took care of our doggie overnight and locked up the next day, when my sister in law came and took care of the pooch. Anyways, in the meanwhile, we drove. And drove. I was awake until the Saluda Grade (a big hill on the interstate in the mountains) and then I slept until the end of Tennesse, about 2-ish hours. Jake drove until 6 AM, when he got tired. My mother in law took over and she drove through the rest of TN, and a chunk of KY, where the roads were so wobbly we both felt sick, and she threw up. :( Hubby slept the whole time. She drove for about 2 hours and then I took over and I made it through the rest of KY, through Louisville, across the big bridge over the Ohio River, and drove through most of Indiana while they both slept. We stopped at a rest area in Indiana, somewhere... and we ate a quick picnic and got back to driving, and by now it was about noon, so Hubby took over and drove the last 3 hours or so, so we made it to the truck maintenance place at about 3 PM, loaded up the car with Teddy Bear's stuff and his kitty cats, and had a some dinner. My father in law and Hubby split the drive back, and I teetered in and out of sleep until we made it to home at 7 AM Sunday morning. We crashed on my in laws couch until lunch time, got a shower and went to the Waffle House for "breakfast." What a weekend! I've never been out west that far, minus one pit stop in the Chicago-o'Hare Airport, so it was cool to see all the barns and corn. Well, it was slightly boring after a few hours. Corn. Barn. Corn. Barn. Oh, look- a soybean field! Corn. Barn. Repeat for hour on end. But we did have a lot of fun on the road, and at least we got my father in law home. Now, he's trying to see what he's gonna do about his truck and the best way to get it fixed. They only hotel around that area was a icky one, but still charged a hundred bucks a night!! We're all just hoping for the best!

The reason this post has taken me days to finish is that my poor computer is sick. "Dora," my computer's name, is 3 1/2 years old and getting slow with age, and somehow got riddled with a load of viruses. My mother in law is currently performing CPR on it, trying to bring it back to life... we're all watching movies waiting for it to defrag... cross your fingers! Speaking of movies, they've got Armageddon on, and I just watched the part where Harry pushes back AJ and takes his place as the one to blow the rock, and tells him he loves him like a son and to take care of his daughter. I swear I just watched 5 minutes, and I'm already wiping tears off this keyboard! Ah, I love/hate tearjerkers...

On top of the drama/trouble, a mistake on the part of my school financial aid office (it's a long complicated story that makes me really upset to re-tell...) has caused me to be FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS short on my financial aid, money that covers my gas and goes toward living expenses and such... I'm so mad! So I spent all day today frantically searching for money to replace the money I'm not gonna be able to have now.

Plus, Daddy has to have his PET scan done after all, so I'm worried about him. And his scan is scheduled for the exact time my mom will have to have another iron transfusion, since they can't figure out why her iron levels keep staying so dangerously low. This is one of those moments that being an only child is emotionally taxing!! Keep us in your prayers!

Oh, and add in the fact that this week my Daddy was served papers for a "lean" (I'm not sure if that's the right term!) because the man that they paid to put a roof on their porch this summer apparently never paid for his supplies to put the roof on. Mama checked the Better Business Bureau before she hired him, but oh well. There are more people named in this lean thing, so my parents aren't the only ones dealing with it. They've got a lawyer and a have proof they paid for the work, so they should be fine and it will all work out, but still one more headache- one more worry!

I'm so sick of crap like this! I'm tired of school (and it hasn't even started!) and I'm tired of summer, I'm tired of sickness, I'm tired of dumb luck and bad stuff happening, I'm tired of money and money problems. I just want to have my degree, a healthy & happy family, a teaching job doing what I love, so we can have enough money to have some cash in my wallet and I wont have to have a mental meltdown if I need to run to the store for something!!! URGHHHH.

They say when it rains, it pours.
I believe it.
And I'm tired of all these stupid puddles in my life! :(


Melissa Venable said...

girl, me too. i've been a bit depressed lately, b/c work is so stressful & money is so hard to KEEP & my weight loss is so difficult. UGH. but anyway. i'm right there w/ ya! hope things get better soon!

MadMad said...

Ay! It definitely sounds like you've had your hatful of rain! That should definitely be enough - now on with the good stuff, right?

Thanks for coming by and your kind words - you made my day!

Black said...

AMEN to the stupid puddles and to the whole being out of school and so on...! Praying for ya girl! I know it will all work out :-)