Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Our friends Chase & Heather got married this weekend. Jake was a groomsman and I handled the guest book. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, sweet, and totally *THEM*. It was great. Exhausting, but perfect! I was so glad I was able to help out. In every wedding, there is some sort of crisis, and what makes a good wedding (to me) is having a good "crisis aversion team." You know, when the bride never knows when things go wrong, or at least, it's all taken care of before she can panic... for example, someone forgot the music for David, our friend who did the DJing. All that was playing was Taylor Swift & Relient K for a little while, but luckily I had my iPOD and I had a already made love song playlist for our rehearsal dinner last year, so it worked out perfectly! The music worked with each moment! I am so, so happy for them.
A similar thing happened at my wedding. The junior bridesmaid's pom ball broke in half before she went down the aisle and Whitney & Liz fixed it before I even knew. Every wedding has something happen like that! But great family and friends who love you always come through, crisis is averted, and after it's all said and done, the only thing that matters is being married!
Being knee-deep in wedding chaos this weekend reminded me how much I LOVE being married, and how much I LOVE weddings, but also how glad I am that mine is in the past, lol. For the past year, I always thought about weddings with a sad, nostalgic perspective, like I was depressed mine was over and done. But I think I've finally realized that wedded bliss is a much more wonderful feeling than wedding bliss. I loved our wedding, every single moment. And I know Heather loved hers, and we both now have felt the joy & excitement of having your "big day." And, I can definitely say, having a magical wedding can't come close to the joy and excitement of a having a magical marriage.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm sitting in a computer lab on campus right now, 3 quarters of the way done with my last first day of college. Classes are going well so far, but seem pretty dang demanding, which makes me worry that I'm going to be a bit of a recluse until I get into the swing of things... but I'm less nervous and more excited. While I was talking with one of my professors today, I had a realization. I'm old. No, not in age. Maybe it was the fact that this is my last year that got me thinking... In age, actually I'm still really young in the grand scheme of things, but deep down I am.
Here's why:
* I get up at 5 AM.
* Little things like sharpies, post it notes, and binder clips get me all excited.
* Nothing in the world is better than a nap.
(Ok, I just reread those three and and I sound like an infant. :P)
* I can chug coffee, but Z prefer it intravenously.
* I don't understand this "new" generation. Take my husband's 17 year old little sister. 4000 text messages a month. I don't get it.
* The freshmen here dress weird to me.
* I've officially stopped even perusing the "juniors" section at the mall... my friend Gabrielle and I went to the mall briefly yesterday and we both laughed at the this fact! I mean really, you know it's a sign when you catch yourself talking about how obnoxious the clothes are. I've gotten comfy in the misses sections now.
* Three Words: Control Top Panties. (LOL, Gosh, I can't believe I shared that!)
* 9:30 PM is getting late.
* My husband mistakenly calls Twitter "that Tweeter thing."
* The highlight of my summer was canning all those quarts of beans and maters.
* I hate going to Wal-mart because it's so crowded, and refuse to buy clothes there because they're too expensive.
* I hate missing my soaps. (Anyone out there a GL fan & wanna give me updates?)

Those are just the top of the surface. I saw a freshman run into the door of the library today because he didn't know that he had to scan his ID to get the automatic doors to work (obviously he didn't pay attention during orientation, huh...) and I realized I'm sooo ready to get out of school and get into a teaching job and start living my happy old lady life. I truly can't wait.

Ps- Did I mention I wanna join the Red Hat Society and play bingo on Friday nights? :) I love life. So many blessings now, and like a bottle of wine, I feel like the blessing I've been given are going to mature wonderfully!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Quick Little Update

Ah! Life is getting too hectic right now- I can hardly breath. Hubby's students start school on Tuesday, & my classes do too- and we have yet to even go back to school shopping. He just moved into a new classroom (2 doors down) and with it being so soon to the first day, I helped him all day yesterday. He moved all the stuff the day before and the next morning we began organizing and cleaning and by 4 pm it was ready for open house. Talk about a hard day! This weekend we're not gonna even have the chance to do anything either. Today I took a personal day so to speak and gave myself a back-to-school trip to Auto Bell. I hate having a nasty car when I start living out of it again. As a commuter, I spend so much time in it, it can get pathetic, and after a whole summer's worth of road trips & dog hair, that car was gross. Plus, my aunt and Mama and I are taking my car to a baby shower for my cousin on Saturday and I would have been embarrassed for them to ride in it! LOL. I'm also gonna knock out grocery shopping Saturday morning, and bake some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow evening to take to our church picnic on Sunday. On Sunday going to a housewarming shower for our friends Mark and Sarah, our church picnic, and I wanna get the house clean for next week, b/c Lord knows if I'll have the energy to while trying to get back in the commuter-groove. SO today I kind of treated as a relaxing, ME day before the chaos begins. I went to the local cosmetology school and got a 10 dollar hair cut that looks absolutely amazing. It's so cheap because the students do the work. The girl doing my hair was so sweet, she was a little nervous I could tell since I was asking for a complicated cut, but she was nice and patient and careful, she made a few mistakes but went and got her teachers to help her get it done. I'll admit, it did make me a bit nervous to have an amateur whacking my hair off in hoards, but the teachers were reassuring and upbeat and vigilant. I never felt too jittery. The worst was that because she analyzed every cut she made and asked for so many 2nd opinions, I sat in the chair from 9:45 to 1:45.... just for a cut! But it was worth it and I'm not complaining. I was so nervous- this hair cut is HUGE for me because it's the shortest it's ever, ever, ever been. I kept threatening but never had the nerve to chop it off. I was just determined this year not to have some teacher chasing me down for a hall pass, mistaking me for a middle schooler. I wanted a grown up cut, that framed my face, looked mature and my age, and gave my hair a style and bounce. And that's exactly what I got. The girl who did it was so thrilled that I liked it, she was beaming. It made me feel good to know that my hair cut was a valuable experience for her (she learned a lot from the teachers during the process, I know...) and for just 10 dollars! I was so happy with the cut I gave her a 5 dollar tip and she literally walked me to the door and hugged me. My hair stylist hugged me! How sweet is that!? So I'm pretty sure I'll be back. I still find it shocking that I actually went through with it. It's 6-7 inches shorter and it's a cute bob that hits at my jaw line. I love it.
Free Image Hosting at
I snapped this picture as soon as I got home, before I decided to have a major change and go ahead and dye it as well. I did that just a little while ago. I always do it myself. I use Clairol Natural Instincts semi-permanent color in Golden Cappuccino.
Image Hosted by

It's like an auburn brunette- dark brown with hints of red in the sunshine. A good bit darker than my natural color, but it fades well and doesn't show a root line. Plus it's not too damaging or expensive. I read all kinds of bad ratings and reviews about Natural Instincts, but from what I gather, most of them had already used permenant dyes and junk and it apparently doesn't work well at covering grays or on already processed hair. It's just great for someone who likes a little spice to the normal color. Perfect for me. Well, it's finally done and the color plus the cut is stunning to me. I like it so much. I can't wait to see how my family reacts when they see it tomorrow at my cousin's baby shower.
I had such a wonderful day- a fresh clean car, new pretty hair, and I went shopping for a dress for Heather & Chase's wedding. They are using browns instead if black, so I HAD to find a little brown dress instead of a little black dress. I found 2, a cute brown and white one, and a blue flowery print one that might match the color of the bridesmaids dresses. I'm doing the guest book and Hubby is a groomsman so I need to coordinate. Here I am modeling the dress and my new do. :)
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I guess I better get to bed if I'm gonna get up early. I still need to get my books, I've got Ambassador training, a lunch date with a classmate, and heck, I need to go pick okra from the garden at some point before the get too big and tough! If only there were more hours in a day!

PS- Sorry about the ghetto thumbnail photos, I was trying out a image hosting website. Don't think I like it! lol.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Just an FYI- if I happen to "disappear" for a week or so, well... school is about to begin! I've already mentioned how August makes me crazy. This is the last week of summer so I'm trying to squeeze all the house-wifey things I want and need to do before I "quit" my job as a stay-at-home wifey, and start back working my tail of at school... And next week, hahaha... I have a feeling I will wake up, get coffee, got to school, eat dinner, do homework/lesson plan/etc, then CRASH into bed.

Hang in there. I'll be back around once I get into the swing of it.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog's Life

Our dog has the best life in the world.
No, really.
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She sleeps 18-20 hours a day. The hours she spends awake are hours spent playing with us or her squeaky toys, chasing me around the house with her tongue hanging out, laying on my feet while I'm on the computer, riding around town in her daddy's truck with her ears flapping in the wind, or getting petted and kissed and rubbed by anyone she meets.
I found her like this the other day, snoring. In the bed.
I got the camera and snapped a few shots. Then she started wiggling and gave me the "Let's cuddle!" look.
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I want my dog's life.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, I just kind of stumbled onto a really awesome blog today called What's Cookin' and guess what- yours truly is now gonna contribute! I'm gonna have to post a recipe on there soon. :) Yay! More recipes! More sharing! More yummy! Go check it out & cook something!

Love you all,


It's a good thing!

Since summertime is beginning to come to a close, I'm starting to "ween" myself off the summer-lifestyle, slowly but surely. I'll be honest- August is one of my LEAST favorite months, everrr. It's right up there with January- ICK. August sucks to me because I get this unbearable feeling of impending doom. I always have. After back-to-school shopping as a kid, I'd spend HOURS arranging & rearranging "potential outfits" and organizing and reorganizing my backpack and notebooks. I studied my schedule until it was memorized, and I practiced getting up early and eating breakfast. Plus, I got my room completely clean, organized, and ready for studying. Why all the fuss? I did all that (not just because I've always been a total nerd-o) because this has always been the only sense of routine and normalcy I can cling to during this month of chaos. August, for me, is equal to uncertainty. I don't know what my teachers/professors will be like, where I'm gonna sit when I eat lunch, where I'll be parking every morning, which sidewalk I'll be taking most often, who I'm gonna be passing on a daily basis, what projects/tests/etc. I'm gonna have looming over my head. It's all right around the corner and I feel like all the details are a mystery! This August (and I imagine next August will be as well) feels particularly scary because sooo much is unknown now. I'm going to begin my field experience in the fall and I'm going to be working with a teacher I haven't met yet, in a middle school I've never visited, doing a job I'm not yet confidant and comfortable doing yet- teaching! ACK, I can't help but be a nervous wreck. An excited kind of nervous- the kind you get before you get up in front of a group of people, the kind you get on a date... you know, like butterflies. I guess my obsession with "getting ready for school to start" is my way of dealing with these emotions. And, I'll probably always be this way. I'll be that teacher that can't remember her own name during the month of August. I think Hubby is kind of like this. He has school on the brain and most of his thoughts I know are all about his teaching, his expectations & hopes, and the upcoming logistical stuff he's gonna be dealing with. Well, anyways, a part of my end of summer routine is slowly getting myself back in the early-to-rise mode. So I'm getting up earlier and earlier. But I'm also making the most of each day of "freedom" by getting up and just chilling out. Laying out by the pool, or vegging out in the living room on rainy days such as today. Just enjoying "vacation." I feel I've started my own little therapy to help myself get ready for the school year- I'm trying to deal with all this giddiness and nervousness I always get. It scares me to know that in two weeks I'll be in class! In 3 weeks, I'll be in someone's classroom!!! With students! Oh, how I hate those thoughts of failure that August brings. Every August I stare into the mirror and tell myself I can do whatever I put my mind to. Am I the only one who turns into a pile of mushy doubt and insecurities this time of year?!?!
Well, yesterday I got so sick of these feelings I decided that doing something I loved and I feel good at would be a great pick-me-up as I combat these crazy things that get stuck in my head and just bake a cake! HAHA, it always feels good to me to pull out something amazing from the oven. That first delicious bite makes my doubt fade momentarily and I feel proud. It's so good to feel that way on the brink of the beginning of a new year full of tests, trials, and new experiences! So what did I make that helped me feel so much better?
A Kahlua cake that wasn't really a Kahlua cake. I was sitting on the couch after dinner and it felt like one of those nights that call for a dessert, so I flipped through my Best of South Carolina cookbook & found a recipe for a Kahlua cake. Now, I don't put Kahlua in my coffee. It seems to me that Bailey's and Kahlua are always no better than the lesser brand cream liqueurs and I don't like paying for a label. So, I semi-follow this recipe using the Feeney's I keep in the fridge. It didn't even dawn on me until the cake was in the oven that I didn't even use the same thing. Kahlua is coffee flavored liqueur and I used Irish creme liqueur. I don't even have coffee flavored liqueur because when we do make a coffee drink, it's gotta be an Irish coffee, which are delicious, by the way. So, duh me, half way through the baking time I realied my Kahlua cake wasn't a Kahlua cake at all! It was an Irish Creme Cake! And regardless of the confusion, it turned out DELICIOUS. And I didn't even put enough eggs in because we were running low on them. My husband eats eggs like pudding pops. I swear, I'd hate to be an egg in our house! LOL. Annnnnyways... even with the adjusted egg amount, it was still moist and fluffy and yummy. Here's the recipe if you feel like making one too!

Irish Creme Cake

1 reg. sized package sugar-free chocolate pudding
1 box Duncan Hines devil's food cake mix
3 eggs (I only used 2, but try 3!)
1 cup of coffee, brewed and cooled to room temperature
3/4 cup of Irish Creme Liqueur, such as Feeney's or Bailey's
1/2 cup of canola oil
Mix up the cake mix, pudding mix, oil, eggs, and the creme liqueur. Slowly pour in the coffee, mixing as you pour. Give the batter a few more good stirs and the pour the batter into a well-greased bundt pan an bake for about 45 minutes in a 350 degree oven, or until the cake is good and firm.
Cool, then invert onto a decorative cake platter. While the cake cools, mix up powdered sugar and more Irish creme liqueur to make a nice glaze. I probably used a cup if the powdered sugar to about 2 or 3 tablespoons of the liqueur. You just gotta play with the proportions. Mix it up well and it should be a pretty caramel color and smooth. Gradually pour it over the ring of cake and let it drizzle down the sides. :) Sprinkle the whole cake with some more powdered sugar, and you're done!
It's super delicious with a cup coffee or a glass of milk!!! :)

Sorry for the lack of picture of the cake, I'm being lazy today! But anyways...

I'm telling ya, my kitchen doubles as therapy for me. There's nothing like warm, fresh baked goodness from the oven to restore your sense of normalcy and confidence!
I also made some really yummy Strawberry Tarts this week. All I did was cut up a carton of fresh strawberries and heat them on the stove with a cup of sugar and a tbsp. of lemon juice until the strawberries release their juices, the sugar melts & it just starts to gel. Then I put the strawberry gel right on to some of those ready to bake crescent rolls, and just fold the little triangle shaped piece of dough up like a diaper (sorry for that really poor explanation, haha!) around the strawberry goodness and bake for 10-15 minutes on a greased cookie sheet in a 375 degree oven. Butter right as the come out of the oven, then sprinkle with powdered sugar. They are particularly good with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. And they are not so sweet that they wouldn't make a great breakfast pastry! :)
I do have a picture of these, though, I can't find what folder I stuck it in. I snapped one over the past weekend when I made these for my parents. Sorry, I'm a photo-slacker in this post!

Well in a nut shell, it seems to me that the most important things in my life these days are consistency and simplicity. The simple good things in life (cue the Martha Stewart "It's a good thing" quote!) are what I am clinging to! When life gives me uncertainties, I desire nothing more than the certain joy I always feel when surrounded by things like nature, delicious homemade goodies, great people I love, and the Spirit of the Lord. I feel my insides are bubbling with all those doubts (What if Daddy's test results are less than good tomorrow? What if I absolutely do not work well with my cooperating teacher this fall, or I generally suck at this whole teaching thing to begin with? What if I fail? What will we face if Daddy's cancer has spread? What if we don't have enough money for me to get back & forth to school this semester?- see, I'm full of this inside!!) But the smile I get when I see that no matter what happens in my life, I can depend on the fact that the simple pleasures of a freshly baked goody, a pretty butterfly floating by, the pleasant company of family and friends, and the love of my heavenly Father to remind me that life goes on, I'll get through whatever I face, and I can do all things through Him. :)
Ah, it's a good thing!!

PS- HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thanks and hugs to you guys who've been praying for Daddy and for me! I can't thank you enough for your love & support- your encouragement is one of those "good things" that keep me going! <3
I'll let everyone know ASAP when I find out about Daddy's tests.

PS (again)- here is a picture of one of the "good things" in my life- a butterfly hanging out under my mailbox over the weekend. <3
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hey bloggy friends,
I really need a BIG favor- please be in prayer for my Daddy today. We're going to have his PET scan done today, and we will find out the results of it and the bone marrow biopsy he had a few weeks ago on Thursday. We are praying that these scans are clear, meaning that his cancer has not spread. If it hasn't spread, then he can go ahead and get started with the radiation and hopefully they'll zap it all and he should be good to go! That's our goal! We want this cancer gone and over with! Please pass it along to friends and family. I'm a strong believer in praying for someone by name, and if you are too, then please pray for Tim. My Daddy is the light of my life and I truly believe he has a lot of life ahead of him, and we have to get this cancer out and gone for him to be able to do that.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Lord, please strengthen my Daddy's body and help him to fight off this cancer. Pull him through and heal him. Keep these scans clear and give the doctors wisdom to do the best for him. Give me and Mama strength for Daddy and help us to not fear. Give us faith and sustainment and courage and peace. I love you, Lord. Amen.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


A wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord,
He taketh my burden away;
He holdeth me up, and I shall not be moved,
He giveth me strength as my day.
He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock
That shadows a dry, thirsty land;
He hideth my life with the depths of His love,
And covers me there with His hand...

I'll never understand why some people look at Christianity as a religion of rules- suffocating and lists of things you can't do.

It's nothing like that. It's the most purest, complete freedom one can ever, ever find.

It's freedom from your every mistake, every problem. Everything I've ever done wrong, every selfish thought or hurtful word I've spoken, gone.

It's complete CANS instead of CANNOTS. I can face any problem- just like the song "Because He Lives" - I can face tomorrow. I can go through anything. I can rest knowing that I am loved beyond compare, forgiven, and protected & empowered. I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. He saves me and protects me.

I know that He lives in me, I feel Him in my heart, at my very core. This is the essence of faith, and the most precious thing I have.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Looking up.

Good news! Patience and prayer came through for me as always and things are finally looking up. After a big meltdown and a whole lot a tears, it finally dawned on me that I tend to confuse "faith" with "worry." I think that if I put off consciously dwelling on something, I've "given it to God" or I'm having "faith," but in reality. I have tendency to carry crap around with me, sucking it up and trying to be strong, making myself believe it's faith holding me together, when it's really me just trying to hold it all on own shoulders... and if I'd actually let go, the weight wouldn't be on my shoulders in the first place. Daddy kind of put it the best way- I need to learn to lay what's troubling my heart onto the alter... just place it at His feet and walk away... but NOOOO, I always seem to place my troubles on the alter, then turn right around & pick them right back up. I don't know how to leave things to Him, but I'm learning. I'm trying. I'm praying that God shows me how stop trying to handle things on my own. I know He put trials in my life for the purpose of bringing me closer to Him, not to prove how *strong* I am- because I'm not that strong at all! Oh, Lord, why did You make me so stubborn & headstrong? I need You. Help me let go and have faith in your ability to take care of me and all the worries on my heart. Amen...

After I had a real good cry (and Hubby's shirt was nicely covered in snot & tears) and we talked about all the above, I kinda felt better, I sighed and started living by Matthew 6:24, taking it day at a time. I told myself to just focus on one day, and it's helped.
Since my last post, thing are actually looking up.

My lovely laptop, Dora (as in computadora, which is Spanish for computer) is not so sick anymore. After days of continuous CPR, countless virus scans, spyware and adaware removal, and prayer (of course), she has been revived and is back up & running splendidly. Thank goodness. We sure didn't have the money for a new one, much less a repairman.
Secondly, my father in law may be getting a truck this week and will be back to work. That's a whole 'nother blessing right there.
I found out from Financial Aid that one of the department heads is actually fighting for me & some other students to receive the funds for the money we apparently missed out, so it's still possible for me to get that $5000 I thought I'd missed out on. And besides that, I filled out a FASFA again (those forms are a beast!!!) and since we are only on Hubby's lowly teacher salary (since Lordy knows teachers make dang near enough to qualify for food stamps; believe me- I'm actually thinking of applying for them!), we actually earn enough for me to qualify for a Pell Grant, which is $5300 of government aid we don't have to pay back for school. Oh, thank heavens, I said, when I realized this financial nightmare is almost over. I won't stop being a little nervous about it all until the money is verified on my student account, but for now, I'm at peace knowing all hope is not lost. :)
On top of things, we're getting to go with our friends Heather & Chase to the mountains, up to Sliding Rock. It's gonna be a whole heck of a lot of fun, I think, as long as I don't do like I did on a Youth Trip to Gatlinburg back when I was 16, riding a mechanical bull and busting my tailbone when I landed. It hurt so bad I didn't get out of bed the rest of the trip. Mama practically had to carry me to the bathroom, it hurt so bad. I still struggle to sit on hard surfaces for very long because of that. And a hospital bill is all we need right now.

So, yeah. No, things aren't perfect. My Daddy still has cancer, my computer still has some weird alerts popping up, and we're still poor, but, things are looking up.
Better yet, I'm looking up more. I'm looking up to my Father for strength instead of looking in the mirror, trying to deal with my life on my own, knowing good and well I just can't do it. And to know He can and will be by my side no matter how things are going is more than I ever deserve!!!

Oh!!! PS- Get EXCITED! I found out I'm doing part I of my student teaching with 6th Grade Social Studies! AND Hubby's aunt is a teacher & just retired and had us load up our car with stuff from her classroom this week, so I've already got BOXES of stuff just waiting for my future classroom! I'm so ready to teach! Not only because it means we won't be so poor anymore, but because I'll be doing what I'm CALLED to do! Oh, I can't wait to meet my 6th graders this fall! <3

Sunday, August 02, 2009

1600 miles later.

Our plans for this weekend had been to hang out with our friends Chase & Heather on Friday night, go up to visit MeeMaw & Honeypaw (Hubby's grandparents who live in the mountains) and see some family, & then head over to Mark's (Hubby's cousin) for a family summertime bonfire than night, and then go to church on Sunday.
But, it turns out, we ended up in Illinois. Yes, really.
My father in law, "Teddy Bear" (he's gonna love this nickname when he reads this post!!!) owns a big-rig and works for a transport company. He was pulling a grain hopper across Illinois when he blew a head gasket and his engine died. Teddy Bear, being an animal lover, has 2 cats that ride along in his truck with him. They happened to be with him on the road when the truck kicked the bucket so since he had the animals, he could't fly home or take a bus. And since he was in the middle of no where, he couldn't get to a rental car place that wouldn't charge him a TON of money to take a car to Carolina, so we really had no choice but to come get him. My mother in law called me & explained what happened Thursday night, but with Hubby working on Friday, the earliest we could leave was late Friday/early Saturday. So, Saturday morning at, like, 1 AM we packed up and left. Our friends, Heather & Chase still came over that night and crashed at our house (they were in town for a wedding) and we left & they took care of our doggie overnight and locked up the next day, when my sister in law came and took care of the pooch. Anyways, in the meanwhile, we drove. And drove. I was awake until the Saluda Grade (a big hill on the interstate in the mountains) and then I slept until the end of Tennesse, about 2-ish hours. Jake drove until 6 AM, when he got tired. My mother in law took over and she drove through the rest of TN, and a chunk of KY, where the roads were so wobbly we both felt sick, and she threw up. :( Hubby slept the whole time. She drove for about 2 hours and then I took over and I made it through the rest of KY, through Louisville, across the big bridge over the Ohio River, and drove through most of Indiana while they both slept. We stopped at a rest area in Indiana, somewhere... and we ate a quick picnic and got back to driving, and by now it was about noon, so Hubby took over and drove the last 3 hours or so, so we made it to the truck maintenance place at about 3 PM, loaded up the car with Teddy Bear's stuff and his kitty cats, and had a some dinner. My father in law and Hubby split the drive back, and I teetered in and out of sleep until we made it to home at 7 AM Sunday morning. We crashed on my in laws couch until lunch time, got a shower and went to the Waffle House for "breakfast." What a weekend! I've never been out west that far, minus one pit stop in the Chicago-o'Hare Airport, so it was cool to see all the barns and corn. Well, it was slightly boring after a few hours. Corn. Barn. Corn. Barn. Oh, look- a soybean field! Corn. Barn. Repeat for hour on end. But we did have a lot of fun on the road, and at least we got my father in law home. Now, he's trying to see what he's gonna do about his truck and the best way to get it fixed. They only hotel around that area was a icky one, but still charged a hundred bucks a night!! We're all just hoping for the best!

The reason this post has taken me days to finish is that my poor computer is sick. "Dora," my computer's name, is 3 1/2 years old and getting slow with age, and somehow got riddled with a load of viruses. My mother in law is currently performing CPR on it, trying to bring it back to life... we're all watching movies waiting for it to defrag... cross your fingers! Speaking of movies, they've got Armageddon on, and I just watched the part where Harry pushes back AJ and takes his place as the one to blow the rock, and tells him he loves him like a son and to take care of his daughter. I swear I just watched 5 minutes, and I'm already wiping tears off this keyboard! Ah, I love/hate tearjerkers...

On top of the drama/trouble, a mistake on the part of my school financial aid office (it's a long complicated story that makes me really upset to re-tell...) has caused me to be FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS short on my financial aid, money that covers my gas and goes toward living expenses and such... I'm so mad! So I spent all day today frantically searching for money to replace the money I'm not gonna be able to have now.

Plus, Daddy has to have his PET scan done after all, so I'm worried about him. And his scan is scheduled for the exact time my mom will have to have another iron transfusion, since they can't figure out why her iron levels keep staying so dangerously low. This is one of those moments that being an only child is emotionally taxing!! Keep us in your prayers!

Oh, and add in the fact that this week my Daddy was served papers for a "lean" (I'm not sure if that's the right term!) because the man that they paid to put a roof on their porch this summer apparently never paid for his supplies to put the roof on. Mama checked the Better Business Bureau before she hired him, but oh well. There are more people named in this lean thing, so my parents aren't the only ones dealing with it. They've got a lawyer and a have proof they paid for the work, so they should be fine and it will all work out, but still one more headache- one more worry!

I'm so sick of crap like this! I'm tired of school (and it hasn't even started!) and I'm tired of summer, I'm tired of sickness, I'm tired of dumb luck and bad stuff happening, I'm tired of money and money problems. I just want to have my degree, a healthy & happy family, a teaching job doing what I love, so we can have enough money to have some cash in my wallet and I wont have to have a mental meltdown if I need to run to the store for something!!! URGHHHH.

They say when it rains, it pours.
I believe it.
And I'm tired of all these stupid puddles in my life! :(