Friday, July 03, 2009

My Child-Dog

So I finally have proof that my dog is indeed a person and not just a dog. Just a few minutes ago, I stepped outside to pick some blackberries off of our bushes (I have to do this before Hubby gets home from work or else he eats them all & I'll have none put up for cobblers & pies this year!!) and I left the door open behind me. Now, if you are from the area, you'd know that there has been a ton of murders this week in the county where I grew up & where my parents live- just 20 miles away. So everyone including me has been on edge. Anyways, I come inside, wash off the blackberries and put them into a bag in the freezer. Well, I start looking for Bella, our dog. I search the house over & realize that the laundry room door is shut- and I know I didn't shut it before I went out. I get all nervous and call my mom and go & get a large knife and walk through the house with the knife and phone looking for an intruder who may have stepped inside while I was outside. Looking in every closet, behind doors, etc, I finally check the laundry room and open the closed door. Bella is in her "house" (her crate) with the crate door pushed to. With the house empty, I can't figure out for the life of me how this door got shut and Bella's crate door pushed closed (but not latched) and we just assume it's a ghost or something and laugh it off, saying oh well. About 5 minutes later, I walk into the laundry room and see that Bella has peed on the floor in front of my washing machine, and it dawns on me. The crazy dog punished herself for her accident. She must have realized she was gonna be in trouble, went and pushed the door shut with her nose, got into the crate, and pulled the crate door to with her paws, knowing that when she does something like this, we put her in her house and shut the door. It was so funny. When I saw the pee, I said, "Bella..." kind of sad, calm sounding (the voice you use when you're not mad but disappointed in your kid) and just quietly pointed to the mess. She lowered her head and gave me the puppy-dog eyes and walked back into the house.

I'm telling you- the fact that my dog punishes herself for messes and knows what I mean without me even saying it is proof that she is more of a child than a dog. <3

I love my four legged child.


Melissa Venable said...

HAHAHA- i love mine too! Though he doesn't punish himself... actually, i think he is laughing at me...

Black said...

HAHA! That is so funny. Buckley and Tobi know exactly what we say too. I often say they can understand, just not speak, English.