Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home, Home, Home!

Hey everybody!
I'm so sorry I've not updated- but you know how it is when you get home from a vacation- all heck breaks loose and it's hard to get a moment to breathe!

So, first of all let me tell you about our vacation. We first drove down to Whitney's in Georgetown. Whitney is one of my very, very best friends. We went to Winthrop together as freshmen, but she transferred. But, even after she left school, we've stayed close, making road trips back and forth to spend the weekend with each other, plus lots & lots of late nite phone calls! LOL.
Anyways, last Thursday was her birthday, so we came down for the celebration. We went to Garden City, Pawleys Island (of course), Myrtle Beach (I've officially partied on Broadway-haha!) and spent time in Georgetown. I swear, I might as well be an honorary graduate of Georgetown High School since I keep in touch with (and LIKE) more of the people I know in that town than I do people from my own small town high school. This trip was even better because I had Jake with me- and he got to meet all the boys and we had a great time down there. We left from Whit's house late Saturday night for Florida. Jake drove first and I slept. It was almost time for the sun to come up when we made it to Florida so we stopped in Jacksonville Beach and watched the sunrise over the water. We continued on down the A1A taking the scenic route through Florida and loving every minute of our little road trip together. We stopped in Palm City (I think) at a rest area and I took over and drove the rest of the way. I let Jake sleep going all the way down through Ft. Lauderdale and then we crossed onto I-75 and went through Alligator Alley. It was a neat road! Then we came on up 75 though Naples and FINALLY made it to Fort Myers. We didn't have to take such a long way around- but it was like a whole tour of Florida. We planned it that way. We got checked into our resort, the Pink Shell Beach Resort there in Fort Myers Beach, and unpacked and made dinner. And of course, we checked out the beach & the resort pools and got groceries. Monday we spent the whole day on the beach and then went to the Shell Museum across the bridge. I felt a little bit nerdy there, but we honestly had a lot of fun there learning shell names. :) Nerdy nugget of knowledge: Florida's State shell is a Horse Conch. Which isn't actually a conch- it's a tulip. We also drove my car up onto the beach there, which was fun in itself. We ended the day with a cold drink and sunset walk down the island, like we did each night. <3 Anyways, the next day we went to Lovers Key for a picnic and Jake laid in his hammock while I splashed in the bay. Then, we spent the afternoon on Sanibel & Captiva Islands, where we saw the Sanibel Lighthouse and went to the coolest antique store ever. We went to lots of little shops and art galleries. The beach at Sanibel was so pretty. We could see our resort across the bay from where we laid out. We had the very best ice cream that day too, coming home from visiting the Henry Ford & Thomas Edison Winter estates in Fort Myers. This little ice cream shop called "Love Boat Ice Cream" had the most delicious Key Lime Pie ice cream. It was so good, I almost cried. LOL. We went back to the resort & I made fajitas and margaritas for us for dinner. So yummy & fun. We walked along the beach and found tons of conchs and crabs that night!
The next day was our waverunner dolphin tour. We went with some other people (a French family of 4 who hardly spoke English, a mother and her 2 youngish kids, and of course, the tour guide herself) on jet skis and saw tons of dolphins and manatees. It was so much fun- well, until Jake tried to kill me by FLIPPING the jet ski! Kidding- that was actually quite hilarious. I snapped a picture of him trying to flip the thing back over with the underwater camera I had attached to my wrist as I swam back to the jet ski. We were about a mile off the coast & here I was just a floating! LOL. We had so, so, so much fun on those things. We ended the afternoon on the beach, sunning and swimming and shelling. Then, we got cleaned up & ready to go out and had a nice dinner out (you didn't think I cooked EVERY night, now did you?!?) at this local place called Matanzas, right under the bridge on the water. It was awesome. I had heard they had the best pina coladas on the island, so, of course I had to get one! We watched the sun go down over the bay, and the colors were amazing. Breathtaking. Thursday was our last day in Fort Myers so we spent that morning on the beach and went to the pier and window shopping before we left. We checked out of our resort and headed up to Tampa. We stayed in Tampa with a friend- one of Jake's former bosses, Darren, who now works for a YMCA camp in Florida. He recently moved down there and invited us to stay with him. Being hardcore YMCA folks, we got the grand tour of the camp, hung out with some awesome counselors and kids, played disc golf, and got a look a real bonafide Florida swamp! We went out to dinner at an awesome Greek restaurant where they danced, smashed plates, and through napkins in the air, yelling Oh-Pa! loudly... I loved, loved, loved it! We spent the next day in Tampa before heading back towards home, traveling up the other side of Florida & coming home through Georgia. I drove in Atlanta traffic for the first time and it was like, whoa. We made numerous pit stops along the way, especially for Sonic Happy Hour- half off grape slushies are the best for road trips. We finally made it home on Saturday! We had an amazing vacation! I loved every minute- but it was good to be home.
Here is a slideshow of the vacation!

Sunday we got readjusted to home, went to church and lunch with my parents, and that evening went to the garden. After 10 days away, we had lots of gardening to do. We picked crowder peas, beans, and corn and visited with my grandparents, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary while we were on vacation. Since then, I've been so busy trying to get all the beans, peas, and corn put up for winter and not to mention tackling the mountain of laundry left to do from our trip. Luckily, Jake doesn't have YMCA campers over at the park he works at this week, so he's been home helping and spending time with me so it's not been so overwhelming. He's actually been quite a sweetheart (example: last night, he treated me to a candlelight back rub... tell me I'm not spoiled!)... We went grocery shopping yesterday and by working together and shopping at Aldi's we got all of our groceries for less than 30 dollars. We also took one of our mystery vegetables (you remember that thing growing up in the yard that no one can identify?) up to the county agriculturalist to see if they can identify what it is and maybe even find out if we've created a new veggie that is true to seed- if it is, we might can name it! How cool is that!? It was more proof that we want to have a place to farm someday! <3

My agenda today was to take care of my financial aid for the upcoming school year. EKK- I can't believe its my last!!!!! Long story short, 2 scholarships are missing off my account- one because the check is running late, and the other because my paperwork fell through the cracks between the College of Education, the office of Financial aid, and the scholarship program. It has been a huge headache, and it won't be resolved until tomorrow, hopefully. If you've ever had to sit on the phone nad deal with a problem like this, you know how annoying it is!

I'm trying to use this week to get caught up on so many things- laundry, the garden, school stuff, cleaning, sleep, just to name a few, because we're gonna be back at it again this weekend. We're supposed to be going out to Whiskey River with my friend Jennifer and her fiancee, Randy, and hopefully, hiking and rock climbing with my cousin Josh & his wife, Maleah. Plus, Heather's bridal shower, too. Busy, Busy, Busy!

My last update is the most important one- Daddy had his tumor removed on the Monday before we went to the beach, and this past Friday he had his stitches removed and he's been to see the oncologist. The oncologist said that Daddy basically has a unique case of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and he was concerned that the incision to remove the tumor might not have gotten it all, so Daddy will be receiving larger amounts of radiation than he originally was told. Also, part of the standard treatment of his particular kind of lymphoma is to have a total body CT scan and a bone marrow biopsy, which he had today. If these tests, along with some others, come back negative, that means his cancer has not spread and that he will be less likely to have to have chemotherapy of anything like that, and the radiation should take care of it alone. We've also been told he has a 5% chance of the cancer returning after its all gone. Please, please, please keep Daddy in your prayers. Pass it along to your friends, family, church, anyone. I have faith but I feel the devil trying to get into my head and make me doubt and worry. I know that God can heal him & I believe He hears our prayers. My Daddy is an amazing man and I believe that the Lord has work still to do through him, and will keep him here with us. Please, please keep us all in your prayers.

Well, that's all that's going on here in the life of Breezy Bride. I've gotta go take care of a load of laundry now- and get some lunch. :) Oh and PS- I so got an A in my summer class!!!
One more thing- I finally put up pictures from the 4th, just like I said I would. Check them out here.
LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all!

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