Monday, July 06, 2009

Hiatus & Updates :)

So I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We certainly did! We spent the 3rd hanging out with our friends Chase & Heather, swimming and cooking out, and then met up with my parents for fireworks, and then had breakfast (homemade red, white, & blueberry pancakes, per my request) with my Mama & Daddy before heading over for a big family cookout the night of the 4th with Jake's family. We got to see Jake's cousin Nelson for the first time since he left for the Navy back in January. He looks so handsome and has changed a lot in these 6 months, but he's just a sweet & respectful as always. We are all so proud of him and it was good to have him home to visit. And Lord knows, we had enough barbecued critter to feed the whole Navy. It was quite yummy. I made a blueberry cobbler and brought a bottle of the goodness that is Firefly. :) My mother in law happened to make some fresh Citrus-ade (like lemonade) which was absolutely perfect with the Firefly, and the whole crew loved it! I got to roll around in the grass and push little Paul on his bike. He ain't so little anymore, he's 4 now. I remember when he was born- so premature we didn't know if he'd make it. I love him and would raise him as my own if I could, so I treasure those moments we get to play together. I held his ears while Nelson (his Bubba, lol) shot off fireworks and Jake lit sparklers for him. :) I'll have to add pictures to this post another day. Sunday, we had leftover BBQ with the in laws for lunch and my mother in law helped me sew the cutest wine glass coasters ever, so someone remind me to tell you guys all about that when I have some extra time as well. It was definitely awesome! :)

I definitely had a better holiday weekend than most of the people from Cherokee County, SC, where I'm from. As you probably heard on the news (it's been all over CNN and Fox!) there has been a serial killer on the loose in Gaffney, and 5 people dead. Most people knew at least one of those killed. It's been a sad, scary week for everyone. At least they think it's finally over. Supposedly a man killed by police today during an attempted burglary near Dallas (a little town that's not too far from where Hubby & I live!) is believed to be the same man as the Gaffney Serial Killer, so I'm so glad that our prayers were answered & no one else lost their life to this crazy man.

Today, my daddy had his surgery to remove his tumor. This morning Hubby & I got up and met my parents so that we could be with her while he was in surgery. He did well and has a 3 inch or so incision where they removed the tumor, with stitches. Once it heals and they take out the stitches, he'll start radiation for 4 weeks. Thanks everyone, for praying for him & my family. Cancer is a very scary word, but I'm thankful that his doctors believe his will be easily treated. I'll keep everyone updated in the weeks that follow.

Also, this is gonna be my last post for a week or two. We are heading down to Pawleys Island & Myrtle Beach this weekend for my best friend's birthday and for a fun weekend on the Carolina coast, and then embarking on our first real road trip as hubby and wifey. We'll be heading to Fort Myers for a week and spending our vacation on the gulf coast, then cutting across Alligator Alley and driving up the A1A before stopping by a the home of friend who recently moved to Florida to spend the next weekend with him. A few days after we get back, we're going backpacking and camping at Crowder's Mountain with my cousin & his wife. Needless to say, I have about a 3 week vacation ahead of me. Ah, this is the life! We've saved and saved for this and I'm so ready for it!! :) With all this vacationing, I might not be able to update the blog for a while, so bear with me, I'll tell you all about it when I get back and catch my breath.

I'm currently in a tizzy to get everything I need to be done finished before the weekend. My research papers for class are all half-way done and due TOMORROW so I need to get off here and finally finish those off. My class, which as you know I've thoroughly enjoyed, ends on Wednesday and we leave for Pawleys on Thursday, and somewhere between there I have to get all our laundry caught up,get the house clean, and recruit our lovely friends, family, and neighbors to be house-sitters, garden harvesters & flower waterers, pool cleaners, dog-sitters, fish-feeders, and mail-getters while we are gone, on top of packing, making up our vacation itinerary, and finishing up everything for summer school. ACK! I'm slightly overwhelmed!!

Well, the coffee is now brewed and the blog is now updated, so I've gotta get to work on these tiresome research papers. Wish me luck. I can't wait to tell you all all about our wonderful vacation when I get back! Love to all!

Post-vacation addendum:
Here are the pictures I promised to share!

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Black said...

I hope you guys have a great time. Hopefully we can get together once you guys get back. Be safe and we will be praying for ya'll and your mom and dad!