Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cowboy Boots

I really, really want boots.

Like super-cute cowboy boots- pretty enough to wear out with a sundress when I feel like channeling Taylor Swift (aka T-Sweezy) but tough and rugged enough for working with the horses over at the in laws, you know... not just for looks.

I'm that kind of girl would wear muddy, dirty boots with that sundress out on Saturday night.:)

I wore a pair of Whitney's (hers were not expensive ones- I think she said she got them at Wal-mart for Vacation Bible School!) when we went out for her birthday in Myrtle Beach, and I loved it.

Heck, I even had a few guys hit on me in those things. They called out, "Hey, Cowboy Boots!" and continued flirting until I pointed to Jake and then pointed to my wedding band. HAHAHA... oh, the fun.

Anyways, I saw these on, which is my all-time favorite place to look for shoes. Once I got a pair of $150 hiking boots for $29 on sale on that site, and they ended up being the best shoes everrrrrr.

I really want to order these:
They are $179 & they've got a 1 1/2 inch heel. I loooove them.

I Like:

L4935 by Justin at Zappos.comL4935
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I don't complain about our poverty often. Most of the time, I enjoy it. It means appreciating what you have, taking pleasure in little, simple things. I don't mind not having cable or satellite TV and looking up shows like "The Hills" on Hulu, or telling people, "Sorry, we can't this week, we just can't afford it." Being poor makes you humble and wiser, I think. Not having the money to do whatever you want builds character.

But it is really, really, really, really difficult to be a shoe addict when your poor. :(

Oh, glorious, beautiful, wonderful shoe shopping... How I miss you so!

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Black said...

I love Ariat brand. They are slightly cheaper than Justin and most of them have rounded toes so they aren't squishing your toes. You can usually find them for $99 or less at Tractor Supply. I wear them all the time on campus in the winter because they are so comfortable to walk in and warm. I know they are slightly expensive at $100 a pop, but they will last forever, literally. My mimi turned me onto them as that's what her grandchildren wear when riding and mucking stalls and such.

You can also try Clark shoes. That is where my 3rd pair came from. They were somewhere in the price range of $50. They are very comfy and stylish for wearing with dresses and sturdy for working in mud and grime. You might even be able to find some for dirt cheap right now since it is summer. They have an outlet in Gaffney. You can usually get super great deals such as buy one get one 1/2 off. Good Luck!