Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not a good day in Hollywood,

Jeez... I'm quite tired of the terrible breaking news- first Farrah Fawcett (or is it Fossett?) dies, which is so very sad seeing that she was such a legendary actress.
Now Michael Jackson, seeing as he was just one sad individual, between the possibility of child molestation, his "sickness" or skin bleaching, his strange acting... yeah, I just feel sorry for him and pity they way he turned out. All that potential.

Then I feel sorry for Kate & Jon and their kids. They were supposed to be a Christian family- a Christian marriage! And how they put their kids and their faith and the respect and love for each other BEHIND that stupid TV show and the fame it brought- it's selfishness. And I can't imagine what it will do to this family. I pity them. How sad.

And Mark Sanford's disgrace. I'm not sure which makes me sicker, his lying to his staff and the people of SC and leaving the country and his duties as Governor to just fly to Argentina for this woman, or his infidelity and embarrassment to his wife and sons. He and this whole situation is an absolute shame.
I mean, yeah, I've thought his political leadership has sucked and he made poor choices for the state, however I still respected him as the elected governor of the state, even when I STRONGLY disliked him and his policies. But now? I mean, the man tore Clinton up one side and down the other... calling him to resign for his plain and simple dishonesty- citing the necessity for elected officials to respect the institution of democracy by remaining honest and truthful. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! He oughtta practice what he preached and step down himself. Again, how sad.

If I had to be alone with the TV today, I would have had a horrible day, but luckily, I've been out and about and it's been glorious. Jake was off this morning so we got up early & I made homemade biscuits to go with apple jelly Uncle Ken gave us that he canned. It was a great way to start a day. We picked a bushel of beans from the garden before noon, and I have enough to can 32 jars of green beans! :) We came home so Jake could go to work and I napped & read a cookbook. Then I had dinner on the table when he got home- and we went back to working in the garden- weeding and tilling. We rinsed off and played in the pool, too. ;)

I'm so excited. Tomorrow is PAY DAY so the first thing I'm gonna be going to get are Mason jars and some more vinegar to can some pickles later that afternoon! I love gardening!

Today proves why my heart will never be into all the glitz and glam of fame- leave me right here where the only "hoeing" going on is in the garden! :)

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Melissa Venable said...

hi- i found you from kevinandamanda's site...i love your blog! & we seem to have a lot in common- i'm a newlywed & a christian, too:) check out my blog.
mine's not as cute as yours- i'm having the hardest time putting cute fonts for my titles, even though i've done what amanda suggested! I'll get it eventually!:)