Friday, June 12, 2009

Nerdiness, with illustrations!

As promised a few posts back, I have the pictures of the pool party up. I stole them all off my mom's SD card and uploaded them to FB, so instead of putting the pictures up on here, I'm just posting a link to the FB album itself. Let me know if you can't view them. Just click here to see the party pictures.

In other news, last night J & I went to my parents' house for dinner and for me to get some of my Granny's genealogy stuff. I thought since she researched so much about our family's connection to Lincoln, I thought I might could do a Carolina snapshot paper for class about Lincoln's Carolina connections, but as it turns out Granny found that most of his people were from Dallas or the Lincoln (go figure, right?) County areas, so no such luck finding out if he was connected to SC. I scratched that idea for a paper but I'm still going to be using Granny's research in the near future. I've decided that once I get these papers done, I'm gonna use her research to create a family tree, complete with her family stories and lore she dug up, and old pictures of each family member & his or her accomplishments. Granny, I hope you know how much I treasure what you did!!! I love her writings, and doing this makes me feel so unbelievably close to her. She loved learning so much, and I definitely feel a part of her in me that's just gobbling up and loving every minute of this history class I'm taking. I hope her spirit loves living vicariously through me.

Like I said recently, I apologize for the extensive nerdiness of my blog posts recently, but oh well, I am a nerd, and I love what I'm doing... :)
For this class, I have to write 4 short (5 page) research papers on an aspect of SC history in what he calls "Carolina Snapshots." Each one has to be about something SC related and is on a different era- the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, and today. The Works Cited page is very loosely required, and we are encouraged to include pictures and maps and such and write it as if we were telling a story about the past to friends or students or peers. I love how he has assigned these. Without the pressure of a "formal" research paper, doing the research for the sake of learning and sharing makes this project much more real-life like and applicable and even fun to me.

I've decided on these as my paper topics:
1700s- I'm going to write about the Battle of Kings Mountain, and about local places where these soldiers are buried. This is easy enough seeing as how I'm so close to the sight.
1800s- I'm researching the history of the Latta building in York, which is where the York Wedding Chapel is, and where my lovely parents tied the knot 29 years ago. My grandparents did, too, I think!
1900s- I'm using the Louis Pettus Archives at school to find out about Martha Thomas Fitzgerald, a former female political figure and educator from the same SC county as me, who also went to WU.
today- hmm, yeah. I'm still at a lost about this one. Maybe on the current (sucky) SC education system?

For the last paper, the book review, I'm reading Pat Conroy's Beach Music and I'm currently on Chapter 9. It was sorta hard to get into because it was like "WTH are these people talking about?!" for the first few chapters, and then piece by piece you realize, you're not supposed to understand them just yet, and as he reveals the main character's past in little phrases and slips of the tongue, you ever so slowly start putting 2 and 2 together. I'm kinda sorta hooked already.

So, this is a preview of my weekend. Work. I'm not complaining, it's stuff I already enjoy. But, this weekend is our one year anniversary. Thanks to our extreme poverty right now (note: not a dime in the bank, & pay day is a few weeks away- thank God for a full tank of gas and a semi-full pantry, we're gonna make it okay, I believe!) but we will be missing a friend's wedding. So Saturday is gonna be an "US" day at home ;) and then Sunday we're going to church and hopefully back to the symphony's free outdoor concert on Sunday night, and this time I hope Mama & Daddy will come with us so we can celebrate both of our anniversaries (theirs is Monday, the day after ours) together by enjoying free beautiful music! Sounds like a great weekend to me!

Yesterday, while I was working on getting my topics together at our class trip to the Historical Center of York County, I decided to take my camera on a little excursion. I went talking all across downtown and took pictures of the Wedding Chapel and the old buildings and then I went and plundered a couple of cemeteries, looking for graves of old soldiers, hoping to find some from the Battle of Kings Mountain. While I didn't really find what I was looking for, I did narrow my topics and get my thoughts together, and took some pictures of some neat things!

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Apparently, there was once a circus in York. I took this picture as I was walking and then learned about the old circus at the historical center. Ironically, the building that houses the center was once a schoolhouse where the circus performers sent their kids to school.
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Where my grandparents, and parents, were married.
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A flower out in the Chapel's garden.
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At the Latta House.
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One of the Old Yorkville churches.
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A sweet magnolia in bloom.
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This was in the old York cemetery across from the MCcelvey Center, and may have been one of the family from Brattonsville.
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The front of the building- people have traveled up these steps for the sake of learning for hundreds of years.
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I found this tombstone in Grover, searching around for a grave I read about in an newspaper article from the Herald from '92. I got a hold of it in the library, but I never found the grave itself. I did find some interesting ones though, like this one with a tile picture of the person.
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This guy was even creepier. I'm not gonna lie, I got the chills after snapping this picture.
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This confederate soldier's grave was neat since it had an old marker and a new one that was much more readable.

Well, that's all of my explorations yesterday. Monday, the CHIEF of the Catawba Indian tribe is coming to speak to the class. Don't make fun of me for saying I'm really, really, excited about it! :)


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Wow, those pics are fantastic! And yes, that soldier's marker is VERY creepy. I love historical stuff like that. Amazing!