Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Metal & SC history

Well, so far, so good.

My class seems like it's going to be (dare I say this?!)... fun! I've always loved history, particularly local & family history, and this is basically the nuts & bolts of the class I'm taking. Since it's essentially a class made up of a month's worth of field trips, we're going to several local placed that are full of history, and I plan to take my camera along, so plan on seeing lots of nerdy posts about SC history coming from me throughout this month. :)
I like my professor a lot. He's nice & jolly and personable. He's also a local politician, and that shows as well, but like I said, I do like him. He likes to tell stories. For instance, he told us yesterday that former SC Governor James Henry Hammond (who was in office in the early 1800s I believe) married his ugly wife for her daddy's money and then apparently had a thing (yeahhh, one of those kinds of things)with his younger preteen nieces, and had an affair with his black servant, Louisa, who got pregnant with his child. He then turns around and sleeps with that little girl, the half-white slave that he fathered! EW! In the past 2 days, so far I've learned that SC history is full of scandal, and that this state has a split personality- southern charm, grace, and beauty- and a need for power and supremacy.
I'm pretty interested in the class so far, but not too excited about the 5 papers I will be writing- 4 research papers, each one about a different era in SC history on a specific topic of our own choice- in the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, and modern eras, plus a book review on a book (fiction or not) that deals with SC history. I need to pick my topics for each paper, and today, we are going to the Louis Pettius Archives to start some research. While I'm there I plan to get a new book for the book review. I'm leaning towards something by Pat Conroy, because everyone in class raves about him, plus the sound like "my kinda book." I love Dorthea Benton Frank and Anne Rivers Siddons, and I thought about using one of their novels, but I just finished my "for fun" novel and need something new to read. Pat Conroy's comments and praises are in the front of many of my favorite books by both Frank and Siddons, so I think I'm gonna find exactly what I want. This class will be a good bit of work, plus lots of driving, but at least it's a topic I truly do find interesting! Like I said, I'm gonna take a lot of pictures on the trips and post a lot about what I learn.

Yesterday, before I headed up to Heather's to help her with some of her wedding stuff, I chilled out at home for a couple of hours and wound up finishing a novel I've been reading while I tan. I have heard nothing but praises for this book and even started it once (and loved it then, no telling why I quit reading it then... class, maybe?) and now I've finally finished it. Its called The Poisonwood Bible and its by Barbara Kingsolver. Man, the way she writes, you can literally hear the character's voice and feel each individual personality as you read. It was great.

That's basically all the news from here, minus the fact that school is finally over for the hubby, minus a few more teacher workdays. I went to his field day last week and got to see his kids, and I must say, it's so evident that they adore him. They've come a long way this year and have grown tremendously, and I know J is proud. He's done so well this year & I'm tickled pink with pride in him.
With the end of the school year comes camp, so J has been busy doing stuff for the YMCA now, and he is also working some bass licks now that he's starting playing metal with some of the guys we hang around with. I love when he plays and I will never complain about amps, cords, or wires laying around... I vowed long ago to never hold him back or complain about him playing music. <3 After all, music is partly to blame for starting our whole relationship, right? ;)

So that pretty much sums up life around here... Jake's playing metal and I've got my nose in a book.

Life is good. :)

Late-night Addendum:
Can please just tell y'all how freaking much I love Jake? Just indulge me for a second. When I got home, after a trip to the library where I got lost in the local history room for a few hours (lol), just like Granny used to do, Jake gently & sweetly fussed at me for making him worry about me while I had my nose in a history book, and then as we got started on dinner, we started talking about money and realized that we've got to make it 2 weeks without spending a dime. We both were wincing with worry talking about it, when he takes my hand, leads me outside to the massive zucchini plant growing in our compost pile (I'll be blogging about this amazing zuke plant soon!) and we look at the monster and he says, "you know, this plant wasn't planted here, it wasn't watered or fertilized and look at it flourishing. Its huge, and it grows bigger each day. If God takes the time to care about this plant, why won't He get us through these hard times. We have nothing to worry about, just like this plant" He scoops me up into his arms and kisses me and tells me that we've got Him and each other, and that's all we need. He smiles and his eyes sparkle, and we go back inside to finish dinner together, hand in hand.

I can't tell you the butterflies and the joy he still gives me. <3

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