Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm not missing you, Mark!

Apparently, our dearly beloved Governor Sanford is missing.

(note: if you are confused about why I claim both of the [idiotic, stupid, etc.] Carolina governors as my own, know that I live in one Carolina, work and go to school in the other, born in one, raised in the other, and have spent my entire life straddling the state line. I feel as if I'm a citizen of both states...)

Anyway, the good-for-nothing oof is said to have went hiking the AT, however, nobody's heard from him in days.

I hate to say it, but I feel little concern. There are plenty of politicians I wish would "disappear" right out of the political realm. Maybe he should take lovely Gov. Perdue with him next time. Honestly though, he's probably out doing one the following:

1. Out looking for Andre's stash of hooch... the court battle probably caused him to need a pretty strong one, and Lord knows Andre the Drunk would have some!

2. Mending his wounded pride with some well-paid lady friends, like any good politician would do.

3. In Washington, underground. Facing water boarding for challenging the Great & Powerful Oz... I mean, Obama...

4. In the basement of some ratty school along the corridor of shame, where the mice are nibbling on his toes and the cockroaches are hissing at him ... you know those poor teachers along through that God-forsaken region had finally had enough with him putting education on the bottom rung of everything, and decided to let him SEE what it's like in those pathetically neglected schools.

5. Out hunting with Cheney, perhaps? Chasing a moose with Palin? You know how much guns help those Republicans relax their tired souls after their long, hard days in the capital...

Personally, I hope it's number 4, but that's just me.

*** Disclaimer: I actually hope Mark Sanford is okay, for the sake of his family and personal safety; however, I despise the ground the despicable man walks on and can't say I'm all too sad. I hope no one gets offended by my political postings, I'm sorry, a little. Personally, I've never met a politician I ever trusted and think its a business of smooth talk and power, and the government is basically ran by whoever brings home the most bacon and makes the most people smile in the process. I put absolutely no faith in politics and use it mostly as a source for my own amusement. I'm conservative in many ways, liberal in others, I think like a libertarian, but I agree with the Green party on some things. Heck, somedays, I might even opt for communism (joking!) and when all is said and done, I guess you'd call me an independent. More or less, I find that the nature of the beast is corruption, and I dislike all parties equally. I'm telling ya, there's a reason my Facebook profile says "Can we get coffee first?" in regards to my political views.

Hope your having a blast, Mark!
All my love,

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Black said...

Ok, I have got to laugh at #1 and say #2 was correct! lol.

I can't stand the man and personally disagree with those who think he is a "courageous and strong person" for admitting his affair because he publicly and nationally humiliated his wife and children. Personally I thought he should have been impeached awhile back, and I hope Gov. Perdue does not go back in office. So here's to you Mark Sanford, may you R.I.P (rot in peace).

lol. Can we tell I don't like him either?