Sunday, June 28, 2009


So, as y'all know, I'm a country bumpkin. And this country bumpkin really likes to garden. This summer, Hubby & I have been working hard on our gardens, and this week we picked an entire BUSHEL of green beans. Well, Friday I sat down and broke every single one of those beans. If you ain't never broke beans, then you're missing out, because nothing tastes quite like a green bean you grew and broke yourself. Anyways, I've grown up (and so has Jake) with families that can (home process) their foods, and so we decided to can the green beans. Mama let me use her pressure cooker since I've just got a water bath canner and with the amount of beans we had, we'd been cooking forever had we tried to use mine. Anyways, I've helped can jelly and such since I was little, being an assistant wherever I could, but never have I done any of it on my own. Well not anymore. After the last run of beans, I had it down pat. With Mama (and Daddy's help, too- he had came over to help Hubby work on his truck that morning as well)guiding me, we successfully canned 20 quarts of green beans. My thumb is quite sore, but it was a great feeling. This week, I'm hoping to make some Apple Jam or something! I love it! I'm so glad I CAN can! To me, it's part of the job description of any southern, country-fied housewife like me! Hahaha! Anyways, that was my Saturday morning.

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After all the beans were canned, I hosted an impromptu swim party/cookout for my Mama's side of the family. It was kind of spur of the moment- my aunt talked to my Mama and said they had a free Saturday and wanted to know if we'd all be able to cookout, and since we have a pool and my house is most convenient, I was willing to have them over. Well, lo and behold, almost the entire family is able to come, and it was funny because we're the type of family that takes an act of congress to get us all is the same place. If we'd tried to plan it ahead of time, we'd never been able to. The only people who didn't make it were my cousins Darrell and Eric and their families. It was a great Saturday, and I went to bed exhausted from all the fun and swimming and hosting, not to mention the canning! I felt like a pretty successful lady- putting up 20 quarts of beans and hosting a party of 20 some-odd people on the fly, all on one Saturday!
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I also did something very cool last week. My grandmother who passed away when I was 9 or so was an avid genealogist and historian and writer among many other things. She was a housewife who never even learned to drive, yet still taught herself to play the piano, speak Spanish, write poetry, you name it! She was an amazing woman! Anyways, one of my many summer projects (in addition to gardening and learning to can and taking this summer class and doing all the research for my papers!!!) is organizing her memoirs, family histories, and genealogy research that we have had since she died. Long story short, I took a notebook of her stories and research to my professor who recommended I show it to an archivist at a local historical center, and she ended up making tons of copies and binding it and putting it all on the selves in the archives for others to use. In one of her memoirs, Granny talks about how she hopes that others will find her family stories useful and valuable and shares the importance of family history. I found it so bittersweet, that I was able to get her work on record for anyone to use and read. How cool is it that our stories are now in the archives?! I wish she were around to day to continue and teach me how to do so many things. Its one of my many goals to continue her research into our genealogy. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times- it is my hope and dream to be just a fraction of the awesome woman she was.

One last thing- this scripture was a part of our sermon last week I believe, but it's been weighing on my heart all week. I'm thinking of painting on the wall in our bedroom, because I'd like to read it everyday when I get out of bed each morning since I think it describes my aspiration for each and every day I breathe.
"Watch, stand strong in the faith. Be brave, be strong. Let all that you do be done with love." 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

It's time for bed now. I hope everyone had a weekend as full of good things as I did. I got to see lots of family (including seeing my preggo cousin's pretty belly & my sister in law's pretty hair cut!) and hang out with lots of people I love!


Melissa Venable said...

where you from? i'm from Baton Rouge, LA, so i was just wondering since you's a southern girl! very nice w/ the canning! my grandpa did all that, i should learn! :)

Black said...

I just love you! :-) You are my idol when it comes to being a housewife!!!!