Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, yet another glorious weekend in the life of Breezy Bride. This weekend was full of family fun-ness (I know that's not technically a word, but w/e.) Friday, my cousin Brandi and I went to see Corey Smith (if you don't know him, imagine a small southern college bar where a guy sings songs that are like Robert Earl Keen meets Jimmy Buffet and you'll get the idea...) and she graciously got my ticket since I was otherwise too poor to go. Brandi is a busy mama of 2 little girls and with me in school, we rarely get to hang out, so we had an absolute blast together, and even got to meet Corey!!! :) It was awesome. Saturday was the Wilson super Father's Day cookout thing over at Uncle Bob's. My Father in Law, Ben, and his brother Bob had all of their youngins (except Justin & Danielle who are making the bucks up in Maine- Danielle, we missed y'all like crazy!) and even some "adopted" youngins together for music, drinks, and brats. Of course, it was so much fun. Sunday, we spent the day with my Daddy, and we grilled steaks and had a meal that would make you wanna smack your momma, lol. I' m talking HUGE steaks, fresh salad, baked potatoes, rolls, grilled corn, and warm homemade blueberry cobbler with a dollop of ice cream on top. I was as full as a tick. :) Of course, the doggies got to play, and even though Jake & I were snappy with each other (thanks to my PMS) the day still turned into a perfect evening. My silly, wonderful, amazing mama sent us home with a box of "extra groceries she just happened to pick up" and more goodies, including a basket of peaches & a cookbook I've been eyeballing called "The Best of the Best from South Carolina." I can't wait to use it! We even got to visit Pawpaw & listen to him tell us stories we'd never heard about his days in the war. I'm tellin' ya- FAMILY FUN-NESS!

In addition to all the papers I'm trying to write for class, and trying to make sure we keep up with the hoeing and picking and watering and pruning that goes along with gardening, in what little spare time I've had lately I have started a new project. I'm calling it the FREE SUMMER FUN project. In mine & Hubby's poverty, we've learned that we simply just can't go out and buy our fun. Even when payday comes, we're trying to hoard up every little dollar for spending money down in Florida in a few weeks. Granted, we don't plan to do much other than lay on the coast and sun and sleep and swim, but still. Anyways, we ain't got a jack-diddly dime left for things around here- so I'm making me a calender using WORD of FREE things going on in the community, like the free outdoor concerts by the Symphony Orchestra, and the "blues" concerts on the lawn of the local history museum. As it is now, we've got more things on the calender than we can go to. It definitely helps you feel less poor! LOL. I totally get the whole "stay-cation" fad that this recession has brought on- I mean, if you can't afford to go, at least if you do some digging and keep your eyes and ears open you can find all kinds of interesting & FREE things to do right in your own area that you make have never done before. There is nothing better thatn FREE FUN-NESS!!! LOL. Couple that with the fact that there are no bags to pack and no rooms to check into or flights to confirm, those stay-cations look like they could be a pretty awesome idea in some cases.

Regardless, though, I'm still excited about Florida!!
(Please note that I absloutlely HATE-HATE-HATE it when people say "irregardless" instead of "regardless" - It drives me NUTS!)

I've gotta ska-daddle. Lots & lots to do today! Love you all!

PS- Please also note that Saturday (6/20) was the 6 year anniversary of the day that Hubby asked me to be his girlfriend. Cue the AWWWWWWWs... wanna know how that suave, sweet red-headed boy asked little ol' me to be his girl? Click here. <3 you guys!


Black said... if you don't quit flattering me, I am going to get a big head. I do the best I can, and believe you me, I don't always, in fact very rarely, do I ever have it all

That is so sweet about 6/20. I've got a free fun thing for you that I've been thinking about, the York County Museum (Mt. Gallant Rd) has a free day on Sundays. I want to go soon as I haven't been there in quite awhile.

There is also a free thing in York on Thursday nights. They do some sort of downtown thing with music and entertainment.

Hope you have a great week. love ya!

PS my word is traponu for the verification thing. lol

Black said...

One thing I forgot...I always admire yours and Jake's relationship. You guys always seem so good together. I just wanted to tell you this and say happy late "wanna be my girlfriend" anniversary.