Monday, June 08, 2009

EW, it's Monday.

Well, our wonderful company has come and gone, and the pool party was a great success. All in all, there were about 25 people who dropped by and we had a great time. There was tons of food, drinks, desserts, and lots of swimming and splashing. It started at 2 and we didn't really wrap up until around midnight. Hubby & I decided since we might be out of town for a wedding the weekend of our anniversary to go ahead and thaw our cake and eat it in front of all our friends & family- and so of course, since I had threatened him with death or divorce if he got any cake on my wedding dress or veil or perfectly made-up face, this time he really, really let me have it. We sliced into the cake, each got a sliver, and WAM-BAM-THANK YOU MAM.. butter cream icing went so far up my nose, I think it's to the brain. I had to blow it out like icing boogers... it was slightly traumatic. Mama caught some hilarious pictures, like me with the icing, and the boys and their synchronized diving, and I hope she got one of all of them sitting around the shallow end of the pool with their drinks looking like a bunch of men in a hot tub. I'll update this post with pictures soon, I hope.
The party clean up wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be. We have a lot of food left over (which is great for our poverty- seeing how I can't go to the store for a month!!) and a lot of random lost items people left. I've started a pile.
My friend Brooke knows how much I love getting old magazines and brought me a stack of Southern Living, which I'm starting to pillage and plunder in search of new recipes. It was awesome having Whitney up too. She's amazing- I swear. I'll see her again in about a month when we head down to her town for her birthday, on our way to Florida for our summer vacation in July.

After the party, we got the house clean and the outside straightened up around the pool, so Sunday evening, we decided to go to a free concert our friend Dorothy, a music teacher and fellow YMCA-er, told us about at the pool party. She told us about the free summer concerts in the park offered by the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra last summer, but last summer was dominated by wedding activities, so we never got the chance to go.
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Yesterday, we took advantage of our free time and loaded up a cooler of leftover goodies like chips & veggies & dip, hamburgers, puddings, pies, and of course, wedding cake and drove up to South Park, and picnicked and enjoyed the music. The musical selections were all "yee-haw" themed for this concert, so we heard songs from Oklahoma! and pieces that were throw-backs to Foghorn-Leghorn and the old-school Looney Tunes shows. We sang "Old Susanna" and other folk songs, and laughed at the hilarious conductor. (Click on the pink wordFoghorn-Leghorn and see an episode playing some of the songs we heard!)
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I even saw our local weatherman Eric Thomas UP CLOSE! I slightly freaked out about this- he's been on the news since as long as I can remember and is one of my favorites. At the Southern Women's Show, they always have radio and news personalities, but the crowd is usually so big and it's usually some recently added reporter, rather than a veteran and well-known face like Eric Thomas, so it was really cool to me to see him in person after watching him on the news for umpteen years. :)

As you can probably tell, I've had a busy, yet absolutely wonderful weekend, full of family, friends, and fun. It goes without saying that I didn't want it to end, but alas, it has. And now it's Monday, and I have CLASS today. Yep, my first day of class is today so I will be making the drive to school. Bleh! I HATE having to go, particularly since the weather today is gonna be HOT & perfect for laying out and tanning. I know I'm whining about it, but seriously, the university OWNS me during the fall and spring, so I feel entitled to get a little pissy about them trying to commandeer my sweet summertime too. I'm also a little nervous about today as well, since I've never done the summer school thing, so I'll let everybody know how it goes. At least it's over at 3 and I should still be home at the same time or close to the time Hubby gets home from his last day at school with students. I have some pork chops marinating and will probably be thinking of what to fix with them today in class rather than listening to a word I hear, but that's nothing new! So, off I go to shower and dress and eat something, and go pretend I care one lick about being a good student!

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