Thursday, June 04, 2009

Company's A-Comin'!

Yay! 1 more day 'til Whitney gets here! I'm so excited to see her! When your best friend lives 3 hours away, weekend road trips are ESSENTIAL! We take turns making the drive to see each other, and it's been since Pawleys since we saw each other, so I'm looking forward it!
This is one of my all time favorite pics of me & Whit. It was right before we left to go to a USC (Gamecocks!) game. <3
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In addition to Whitney coming to town, on Saturday, as I've mentioned before, we're having a pool party to celebrate our anniversary (which isn't technically until next weekend, but we're going to another wedding that weekend) and so far, I've heard from about 25-ish amazing people. That's a pretty big crowd, and a lot of wonderful people will be here. I get on Facebook & check the event page, and whoa 50 some odd maybes. I usually don't count on maybe people to show up, but if they do, I certainly hope they bring some food, because that's a big difference in groceries! LOL. Anyways, something I always love/hate about company coming is the cleaning. Our house is lived in, but usually decently clean on a day to day basis, but when I know I'm gonna have company, I try to get the house nice and sparkly. While this can be a headache and tiresome, I like the fact that company motivates me to do the cleaning I frequently skip- like the dusting, super-scrubbing, and organizing. Last night I reorganized my side of the office. Jake's side still looks like a teacher's desk threw up, but oh well. I'm scared to touch his side, haha. I keep leaving him post it notes telling him his desk is gonna eat mine for lunch if he doesn't tame the beast. This morning I dusted our guest bedroom. Dust sucks. No really. I used to not care so much about dust, but OMG, it's taking over my house. And what's this? A COBWEB in MY house? I'm not a spinster-lady! You only get cobwebs if you're old and have 15 cats and a crazy creepy laugh... kinda like Mrs. Nettles (not her real name) up the street, but that's a story for another post. Anyways, cleaning... I got baking to do soon, too. Sweeping, Mopping, more dusting, vacuuming, and the worst of all, the scrubbing. You see, when we bought this house, we didn't know it, but good old BJ (you know, the former owner of the house) smoked (or maybe it was his mistress Wilma or his dear old wife - again, another story for another day) inside the house. Big no, no for me. I just can't stand what the tobacco stains have done to the walls. In the bathroom, ever so often, nicotine will seep through the white paint and make icky yellowish drips down the wall. G-R-O-S-S. Mama said she used to see this when her mother smoked, so we know that's what caused it. But the more I think about it, the more I think this might be a case of poor paint choices by the man the remodeled & resold the house to us after BJ & Wilma hit the road. I mean, I know people who smoke in their homes, and their walls are nice and pretty. Danielle, what do I do? Did these people smoke some kinda mega-cigarette? How are your walls all nice and clean and pretty? This stuff is a you-know-what to get off. It involves me getting a chair and a bucket of bleach water and an old rag and literally scrubbing my walls from top to bottom until the yellow is all on my poor rag and off my white walls, all while praying to the dear Lord above that I don't get woosy from the chemicals and fall off the chair and die. Quite an ordeal, but I do it when I know company's coming. Not to mention the outdoor chores to do. Jake has to cut grass (and joy! it's raining now...) at some point, fill up my bird feeder, and weed-eat. Yep, the Wilsons will be busy-busy-busy for the next few days! But at least I'm gonna have a sparkly house when I get done and I know it's gonna be a wonderful weekend.

Friday, I hope to go to J's school for field day & take the camera and get some more cute kids playing pictures. I absolutely love elementary school field day. I was a PRO at the balloon pop in my day. ;) If I'm gonna get time to go, though, I better quit gabbing and get back to my house chores. I've got one last load to fold & put away and there will officially not be a dirty stitch of clothes in my house, nor a thing to wash! :) I usually stay on top of laundry pretty well, but I LOOOOVE when there's not a single piece to be done! :) I have to also get dressed and head over to the pool store. Our pool vacuum head broke yesterday, so there is one more thing to put on my lengthy to-do list!

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I'm not really complaining though. 99.7, my favorite radio station everrrr is having a listener appreciation day and are playing some awesome music, so I'm dancing around to some Bon Jovi and Ozzy and Skynard all while singing into my can of Lemon Pledge!

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Danielle said...

Well darlin', I don't know how but our walls don't "ooze"... One cleaner that's really great though is the Orange stuff from the Dollar Tree. My Daddy uses it to clean the outside of the camper and it's as cheap as raiding the cushions on the couch.