Saturday, May 09, 2009

Powder Puff Roses

I know I probably should have included this in my first post today, but re-reading my list of flowers made me realize that I should "explain" my "powder puff" rose bush. These roses look like a powder puff you would put your make up on with... small, round and tons of little open petals. When I was little, my Granny (Granny is Mama's mother, and passed away when I was 9. Daddy's mama is Grandma, and she's the one that gave me the candy tuff...) used to play with me all the time. I was the youngest grandchild and probably spent the most time with her. She was my very best friend. Well, I had always wanted to be a flower girl and when I told Granny, she took me outside to her big pink rose bush (even now, it's huge...) and showed me how to pick a the rose so that I got all the petals in my hand in one tug, and together, we would throw all those small pink petals into the air and walk through them, like on a wedding day. I tear up remembering doing that with her. Just like I nearly cried in geology class once this semester because we were learning about micas and when I was little, Granny & I would go for walks looking for mica, putting pieces in styrofoam cups and we'd come back and make our own glitter. But anyways, that bush was always a special bush to me, and it's currently in full bloom. Granny & Pawpaw's house is now my aunts, and she left the bush there. When I was over there last weekend, it was pouring rain, but I didn't care, I gasped when I saw it and ran down there, plucked the petals, tossed them up and laughed like she was right there with me. I love the bush. I love those roses. And I miss my Granny.

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