Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pawleys and Blessings

Right now, I'm sitting at on a the couch in Lizzie's family's beach house. I'm down here for a few days for some quality "friend time" with my Georgetown friends. Lizzie is in Chi Omega, so some of her sisters are here as well, and most of them I either know or have seen on campus before. There are about 10 of us here, plus Brandon, who is the man of the house... the only man! We cooked dinner last night, made drinks & played Quarters, and walked on the beach under the stars. I love coming down here. It feels like a scene out of one of Dorthea Benton Frank's novels. Ha, I might should email her with a book idea... I have met her on occasion! LOL. Anyways, it always feels like a novel. Like in Anne Rivers Siddons' Outer Banks, where the girls all hash out life staying in an old family beach house near Kitty Hawk. God, I love Carolina. Last night while we were making chicken alfredo, some of the girls said they couldn't cook. I always get a little surprised anytime some on says this, mostly because I have no concept of what it's like not cooking. I guess because of the fact that I grew up helping Mama cook all the time, I can't understand how anyone would not know how to... I've been sitting here reading recipes from a Pawley's Island cook book, one from a local church. I love any thing and everything Pawley's... even though I'm not a lowcountry girl, it's definitely a part of me. I guess you can really same I'm a 100% Carolina girl... I love it all. The Carolina Coast, Gamecocks & Cola, the Upstate, Boone & Blowing Rock & Lake Lure... Green River & Broad River, Oak Island & Southport, Greensboro & Winston... I have family all over, and friends too, so all these places feel like home to me, like they are a part of the tapestry of me.

I'm listening to the ocean right now. It is roaring. I got up early this morning and took my mat & did yoga on the beach at sunrise. It was invigorating. I know everyone here thought I was nuts, getting up so early and going out there while it's still chilly, but I love the focus & clarity it gives me. I definitely plan to do yoga for the rest of my life. I may not loose any weight (alas... birth control weight.) but maybe that's okay? I know I need to loose it, but if I do everything right- eating well, exercising, being active... what more can I do? I'm gonna talk to my doctor and quit fretting over it. I did a lot of praying this morning during my beach side yoga, and I am happy that I specifically prayed for Jake. He's at home in the middle of EOGs and I'm praying that he is at peace and happy and not stressed! I prayed for his students too, that they will ACE the tests! I love being down here, but I do miss him. I am so lucky that he lets me pack up and come down whenever. Our relationship is they type that encourages each of us to thrive, even when that means being a part for a short time. And I defintitely need time with the friends to thrive! and the beach! Brandon & I were talking about how amazing it is to stand on the beach. To know God loves and cares about and knows every hair on my head, even though I'm so small & insignificant in this big, big world, and even though I sin and fall short of Him all the time, he's still blessed me with a wonderful husband who loves and understands me and inspires me, family that cares for me and supports me unconditionally, and friends that laugh with me and listen to me whole heartedly!

I'm going to take a short nap, then see where the day leads.. I'm sure I'm bound make more memories fit for a beach novel!

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