Thursday, May 21, 2009

My neighbor has a lady friend!

Breaking News! Bill Dauterive has a lady friend!!! We have a neighbor we've affectionately named Bill Dauterive, (Bill, from King of the Hill) because he is a middle-aged bachelor, who actually resembles Bill from the show. He's a bit reclusive, but we do see him out working in his yard, and he waves, but rarely speaks. Well, he almost never has visitors, but today, while I was getting ready, I looked out my bedroom window to see how the pool looked (we're still trying to clear it up!) and right there beyond the pool was a WOMAN with him on his back patio. They were doing something (I didn't wanna stare too much!) and they were standing kinda close! I was shocked and happy! I almost walked down across the yard and invited them to the pool party, but I realized that I would be acting too much like Peggy Hill. But still! This is so exciting! Now maybe he won't be driving over bags aluminum cans in his backyard (yes, he really did that once), since he has a lady friend to keep impressed. I can't wait til J gets home so I can tell him!

In other news, I've definitely gotten out of my "blahhh-ness" finally! Last night, I cooked Pork Ribs (they were so tender, I marinated them for an hour, then baked 30 minutes on 400 degrees, then 30 more minutes on 350, turning & basting them every 20 minutes or so...) with cabbage and cornbread, with strawberries & left-over Lincoln Cake for dessert. And the weather was nicer, too! I think the weather has had a lot to do with it my moods here lately. It was sunny & I had the windows & doors open, with the radio playing throughout the house, so I just felt peppy-er. I never did make it out to finish the flowerbeds (haha!)... but I did start a recipe book. Mama & my aunts have been giving me a lot of old Family Circle & Better Homes & Gardens magazines so I cut out all the good recipes and put them in a notebook. I almost filled it up! The laundry is also caught up and I went to the tanning bed. My mood has definitely done a 360!

My friend Brooke posted a list of things she loves in her last post, and I realized it's been a while since I last posted a list. So here is mine- 10 things I love, and they all start with the letter B, just to make it a little more challenging...

1. Blackberries- I love picking them. Blackberry season is the best. The juice stains on my fingers, the torn scratches on my legs, and ohh, those delicious cobblers we have all summer long... <3 I read this poem in my Adolescent Lit class last semester and I loved it. It perfectly describes the joy of picking blackberries.

2. Bella- seriously, my dog is the best in the world. She's currently curled up beside me sleeping. I love her so unconditionally. If I love that dog this much, I'm not sure my heart can hold the amount of love I'll have for my own children someday, lol!

3. Baking- obviously. Baking is a big hobby of mine.

4. Bikes- I really, really want one of those old-timey bikes with the really wide seats and and handles, with a wooden basket on the front. Jake's promised me I'll have one someday. :) I can't wait to ride it wearing a long sundress and a big floppy hat! I'm such an old lady at heart!
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5. Blues- like the Smokin' blues... I love when my favorite radio station plays the blues. It makes you wanna chill out in a rocking chair with cold drink and rock the world away.

6. Bees- not real ones, but cute drawn, cartoony ones. I doodle BreezyB and bumblebees on everything. I don't know why, but I think they're cute.
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7. Bags- handbags, pocketbooks, purses.... nothing like a new bag! I am currently addicted to those green-bags they sell at the grocery store. We use them now instead of plastic. You'd be surprised how much they hold, and how many trips to the car they cut out once you get home!
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8. Beauty products- specifically, reading the back. I read the backs of shampoo bottles, make up tubes, lotions, whatever every time I use it. It doesn't matter if I've read the bottle a hundred times, I read it again, usually in a silly commercial voice. I know, it's funny and ridiculous, but it makes getting ready a little more fun! I've always wondered if I'm the only crazy person who does this!

9. Beach- I love anything and everything to the beach. The sand, the sun, the ocean, the sky... the memories, the fishing, the fun! Regardless of who I'm with or where I'm at, if I'm near the ocean, it's amazing. The ocean is such a spiritual place to me. I always feel so close to God by the sea. I mean, the ocean is so big, and I am so tiny and insignificant in the world, but yet, He still loves me so much... it's completely inspiring and awesome!

10. Books- old books, new books, rereading books. I love used book stores, especially. I was just talking to J about how we need to take a Saturday and just go book store hopping. I want to get some more books for the summer, especially for our vacation. Recently, I just started rereading "The Poisonwood Bible."

Well, that's it for the day! Hubby should be home soon! :)

Oh, and this is random, but I think it needs to be added to my list- BOOTS! I really, really, really want some cute cowboy boots like I used to have when I was a little girl! Oh, I wish I could find that picture! I would wear them the the county fair and one time I sang and danced in some contest or something. I looooved those boots and I want another pair!

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