Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Bucket List, the garden edition

I am just about to jump in the shower (Hubby & I overslept and completely missed out on getting breakfast together before he goes to the Y for work) then head up to Walgreens to print some pictures. I don't go to Walmart anymore because everytime I try to print photos there, they interrogate me because the photos "look too professional" and therefore, I must be breaking copyright laws. I try & tell them *I* am the photographer & that I have a nice camera that helps make most of pictures look that good, but they refuse to listen, and frankly, they can be B-words, so I've gave up going. Anyways, after I get home, I'm doing something VERY exciting! Gardening! We were over at my Grandma's house yesterday (it was her birthday yesterday and Pawpaw's is today) and I was telling her that I have a list of flowers I want in my yard. Many of them are old-timey stuff you can't find a Lowes or Home Depot anymore, and you have to luck up and know someone and get a cutting or something. So I kinda have a bucket list of flowers. At some point in my life, I want my garden to contain every one of these flowers. I know I can get started now, but there's no way they will all fit in our small yard now. You can bet that I'll be digging up what I have now & taking it with me once we move (note: moving for us is about 5-10 years down the road, depending on how fast we start having kids, particularly a second one!). So as I start telling her about my list, she shows me all the candy tuff she's pulled up from her garden and tells me I can have it! I'm so excited! She gave me a rose bush too!
Here is my list!
- lilic bush
- "powder puff" rose bush
- lily of the valley
- magnolia tree
- sweet bubby bush
- candy tuff
- dogwoods (pink)
- azaleas
- golden rod (golden bells)
- pink thrift
- yellow roses, pink roses, white roses, and red roses
- English & climbing roses
- irises (what's the plural of iris? LOL)
- day lilies
- primrose
- hostas
- peonies
- snowball bush
- hydranga bush
- japanese maple
- lavender
- sweet pea
- trumpet vine
- tulips
- snapdragon
- daffodils
- daisy
- gladiolus
- petunias
- pansies
- marigolds
- herbs like mint, parsley, and rosemary

This in my first time seeing this list written and not just in my head, so I may be adding to it as time goes on. But it's nice to have my garden goals all written out and ready for me to start planting! <3

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