Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My boredom, continued & Lincoln Cake

Jeez, I don't know what's got into the Dog, I tried to start this post a looong time ago, but she rooted and pawed at me and whined until I got up and played with her. Just wasn't even too interested in her chew toys, she wanted me to chase her. We play this little game when I get home (from school, work, whatever) and I say "I'mma git you!!" and chase her around and around. It's so fun. Well, apparently we've not played it enough lately. The only reason she's finally left me alone is because I just filled up her bowl with kibble. I swear she's a mess.

So lately, I've really been "blah." The novelty of summer break has worn off, I've slept in so much you'd think I was 16 again, and now I'm just... here. Like I said in my last post, I usually have a summer job by now or some major project to tackle, but not this year. This time last year I was utterly consumed with wedding plans & I was in 100% bride mode. Everyday, I got up and started on my never-ended wedding to do list, working on calling, confirming, and such. This time two years ago, I worked in a town nearby (where my mom works) at a little downtown pub called Ichabod's. It was fun for a while, but I was not a happy camper there. The place, sadly, burned down last winter. I haven't been up that ways in ages so I'm not sure if they ever rebuilt. Anyways, I have no project this summer. I guess once my class starts on the 8th I'll have no need for a project, but for now, I need one. It's still too chilly for yardwork, but not as bad as it has been. I might can handle it today. So, with that, I have decided to make today a productive one. I've decided that it's perfectly fine for me to make May my lazy month for summer, since June is full of class, July is packed with trips and vacations and plan, and August equals school... I'm going to make the most of each day of laziness I have left and enjoy them. Today, for example...I'm going to finish up all the laundry. Every last piece. I'm gonna get a shower and get dressed, pull on a hoodie and eat a decent lunch on the patio (I finally convinced J to put all the wood for the winter somewhere else and cleaned it off!!!!), go down the road and go lay in the tanning bed (I obviously need those precious UVA/UVB endorphins!) and then I'm going to throw away some of those old flower pots out by the pool and really get it ready for my much anticipated Lowe's trip after payday. Yay! Did I just talk myself out of the doldrums? I THINK SO!

I apologize if this blog is random and boring, but I'm enjoying talking to myself.

If you've lasted this long and kept reading, then you are in for a treat. I did indeed bake that Lincoln Cake yesterday, and Mama did try it and loved it. We realized that early last summer I did a similar thing with all this baking. Mama says she remembers me getting on a baking kick shortly after I finished exams... did I? Well, all this baking needs to stop or I'm never gonna be able to fit in my bathing suit (or I'm gonna look like a can of biscuits) and I'll be sitting the pool party out! Maybe I should just take my cakes around to my neighbors? Yep. That's it. And an invitation to the pool party. Martha Stewart would be proud. So, back to this Lincoln Cake. I found this recipe in a book Daddy bought for me at Fort Fisher down at the coast one summer and I've just now got to reading it. I sat in the porch in my rocking chair the other evening (and had to have a cup of coffee & a quilt- stupid weather!) and found this recipe. All the recipes in this book appeared in Godey's Lady's Book, a 19th century magazine for women that was the essence of all things domestic. Godey's Magazine cover, found on Wikipedia and this book is full of the recipes published in this magazine during the Civil War era. With me being a history buff and someone who loves to cook, I had to have it. This book published each recipe in its original form, like it appeared in the magazine in the 1800s, so how you adapt it (or if you do at all!) is up to you. This particular recipe did not tell how long to cook it or on what temperature, so I had to figure it out myself.

Lincoln Cake

2 eggs
2 c. sugar
1/2 c. butter
1 c. sweet milk (I used evaporated!)
3 c. flour (all purpose worked fine!)
1 tsp cream of tarter
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp lemon extract

I used my mixer and blended the eggs, butter, and sugar together, then slowly added the milk and lemon. I used baking POWDER since I didn't have any cream of tarter on hand, and about 2/3 of a tsp worked perfectly. Once everything was blended together and smooth, I added just a splash more of milk, since the batter looked a little think to me. I greased a loaf pan well, then poured my batter inside. The recipe did not say how much it yields, so I had some batter left over and just filled some cupcake liners in a muffin pan to use it up. I preheated my oven to 350 degrees, then popped them all in. The cupcakes were done in about 20-25 minutes and the loaf took about 30-45. You kinda just have to watch it. I did have to put some foil on top of the loaf to keep it from getting too brown while the inside cooked. It turned out lovely, and I was especially impressed with how moist and fluffy it was. The cupcakes were really nice. They'd be great on a summer day with some lemon icing. The loaf came out beautifully as well. Well, it WAS beautiful. I had to ask Jake test it with a "KNIFE" while I was busy to see if it was done, and the big goof used a fork, and basically dug himself a pretty little hole right in the top of my loaf, and said, "Yep, it's done! " right as he shoved the bite in his mouth. Bless him. The loaf would be really good with a simple lemon juice & powdered sugar glaze across the top, but it was good just plain as well. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make it again for the pool party in a few weeks, and a peach cobbler to go with it. :)
I think it turned out nicely!

I just re-read this blog. I realize I sound like a complete bum. Let me correct... my laziness has only been the result of the sudden stop of action and plans, April was full of exams & school, my brother in law & sister in law's wedding, then there was Mother's Day and my Pawleys trip at the beginning of the month... and then there was this week. Nothing. I'm so silly. Have I really gotten that addicted to being busy with plans each and every week, that just ONE week of no plans makes me tear at the walls?! HA! Wow...

Speaking of walls, I do need to share what Jake and I (with some manual labor help from our dads and my mom) did back in March & April.
We painted the paneling in the living room and what will be the dining room. Our kitchen is small as it is, and there's no room for a table large enough to fit our immediate families. This is the IKEA table I eventually want to get in the brown-black color and put in there, along with a simple chandelier over it, and a matching rug to protect the carpet. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I still need to do some painting touch ups. (HEY, there's me a project!!!) I love the colors, and I'm so happy with how it all turned out. I could actually start priming and taping the kitchen. We're gonna paint in there as well, but just the paneling and not the cabinets. The color is going to be a green color called Palmetto (no wonder I love it, I'm from the Palmetto State!) and I can't wait to see how that goes!!!

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And the future color:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The poor puppy must hate it when I blog. That or she's gotten her belly full.
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