Sunday, May 03, 2009

I have no excuses.

I have no reason for not keeping up with my blog here lately but laziness and over booking myself. This semester was easy in so many ways. My classes were a breeze, Geology was a fun class, minus the chick that copied off my test a while back and caused lecture to be AWKWARD... She basically sat beside me and copied my entire test, & the professor saw it. Luckily, the girl owned up to it and got a zero, but I would have failed her for the course. And I made a new friend in that class, & I hope I stay in touch with her. Yoga was a great class, of course, & I hate that it's over!!! My middle level classes were the only ones that caused any stress, but it was great because I love the MLED majors. It's been fun being with them, learning & laughing with them. We had a little end of semester party last week. I'm so glad I'm in a program that I feel proud of and with people I like to be with... so I guess in a nut-shell, my semester was fun. Next semester will not be the same though. My schedule is gonna be killer, but my classes are gonna be the ones where I learn some of hard core teaching strategies and such, so it will be worth it. Plus, my field experience starts! Speaking of which, I JUST THIS SECOND remembered I gotta go to RH and do my background check soon! It's due to the College of Education, like.... this week! UGH. Okay. I'm gonna check on that. Anyways, I have done a lot of hanging out this semester. I've had a lot of the same people in my classes, so it's been normal to just go out together, and I've been trying to stay true to my word about not letting married life or commuter life stop me from spending time with my friends. In fact, on But still, just tonight I was looking through my old Myspace comments from years ago and realizing how many friendships I've let fizzle. I mean, I'm the type of person where once I become your friend, it typically takes a lot for me to let you go! But also, I make a lot of friends and keeping up with that many people is exhausting... well, I can't help but feel guilty about it, but at the same time, like Whitney & I always discuss- it goes both ways. It's not just one person's responsibility. And fortunately, I've got a good many friends who understand that.

I had to turn the TV off just now. Late night "I'm gonna heal ya!" shows are on. You know, corny, fat preachers who talk in circles, smack you on the forehead, and supposedly work the Lord's miracles? Ugh, those shows drive me crazy. Mostly because I feel like most of them take advantage of the name of Jesus and make it seem like Christianity is a drive through miracle shop, not to mention they seem too much like Jim & Tammy Bakker. Yep, not what Christianity is to me... Speaking of which, I need to admit the fact that I am feeling a little down right now in this part of my life. We've not been to church in now 3 weeks (probably the longest we've ever missed!) because we've either been out of town or, in today's case, so sleep-deprived we couldn't get our butts out of bed. So maybe that's what's missing... church... but for whatever reason, I feel distance from God. I know there's a saying that is something like "if you feel far from God, who moved?" and the answer, of course, is that I did... but I don't remember moving. I just feel a little lack luster. I'm asking God to change this and help me feel His presence in my life and my heart more. I know He's still here, but it just seems like someone's turned down the volume. I don't want to be one of those Christians who are only on their knees when life is hard... I wanna be on them because life is good, and it is! and I know it's because of him! I've got so much to be thankful for and praise Him for!
One of the things I praise God most for is my husband. I can't believe Jake's first year of teaching is almost over! He's been nominated for new teacher of the year for the county and I am so proud. He is a phenomenal teacher and works so hard. He's an inspiration to me and I know he deserves the award. He makes me wanna be a better teacher! We went to his mentor teacher's house the weekend of Easter for her annual Spring brunch on the front porch, and it was inspiring! Not only is she an amazing teacher with tons of ideas and motivation and drive, she's got a fabulous house she and her husband built, designed, and decorated themselves. It looked like a scene from Country Home magazine and I wanted it all! Jake & talked about our next house after we left the brunch and kinda came to the conclusion that we want to be in Southport. We have tentatively planned that by the time the 2nd kid comes into our lives, we'd like to be living there. My parents said they'd follow us there, and Jake's mom voiced her disapproval sweetly. It was nice to hear her care about seeing us and our future kids enough. It means a lot to hear those types of things.
Speaking of Jake's family, we know have a new Wilson! Jake's brother, Justin, got married last weekend. It was a nice wedding, outside at a park. It was very simple and cute, and very pretty. Danielle, my new sister in law, did most of it herself and was such a cute bride. She talked and talked about not being stressed at all, but she definitely was! She was too cute. I still find it shocking that I have people in my life I can call sisters now. My sister in laws are awesome. Growing up as an only child, I never had anyone like that in my life. Marrying Jake definitely came with more perks than just getting an amazing husband! The wedding was out of town for us, so last weekend we were there for the weekend, I was there the weekend before for bridesmaids/bachelorette things, and the weekend before that was her bridal shower, so April weekends were pretty packed with things to do! This is partly why I've been so lax on blogging. Even though I've not had that much school stress, my personal life outide of school has been super-busy. My house is currently a wreck, because after the wedding, I had a week of finals. My last was on Friday and Saturday morning I had to get up early to go shopping with my aunts and my mama. We went yard sale-ing (so we had to go early) and then Goodwilling and I came home with bags and bags and bags of pretty new clothes and shoes and such! I love shopping like that! I'll never understand why anyone pays full price for anything! So, anyways, we had went out with Heather & Chase (a great couple-friend of ours) on Friday night and didn't get in until really late, so I had not had much sleep then either, plus a week of 8 AM finals and late night studying all caught up with me this morning... Jake & I didn't get outta bed til like 1:30! It was much needed though. I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll have some motivation to get started on housework. I have a mountain of laundry and completely messy house! I usually do this at the end of the semester... finals, sleep a few days & recoup, then clean like crazy. But Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo & I'm supposed to be spending the night with my friends Katie and Aileen then meeting Gabi for lunch, so we'll see how it goes. I hope then I can sell back my books and go get that fingerprint thing done too! Maybe if I get the house clean tomorrow, I can do all this and come home to a clean house & happy hubby!
Well, I'm pooped and blogged out. To whoever reads this, I hope you feel updated and less neglected!

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