Thursday, February 26, 2009

This guys really smells.

So I am in the lab at school, and the guy beside me smells like alcohol. Already. It's just Thursday afternoon, for goodness sake! And it's freaking FEBRUARY. *WHY* is the air on?

Right now, I'm blogging because I'm putting off doing my weather observations... or at least looking them up online... I HATE BUSY WORK! I feel like so many of my stupid labs are just busy work. Meaningless. It annoys me, but I do feel like the professor means well and is trying her best. She's old. And you will never believe what happened today; she went all crazy on this girl. The professor has to leave our lab early for her grandson's football practice and wanted to get through the lab fast, and one girl (the one who's missed a lot of labs and keeps trying to make them up, thus, irritating the professor continually) comes in and Dr. P tries to get her to hurry up so she can start, but the student has lost her pencil. Dr. P makes you think of someone's agitated grandma. She gets all red faced and DEMANDS that she come stand front and center while she does the demonstration, and the girl says no. They start SHOUTING. Talk about AWKWARD. Like, I see both sides. Dr. P needed to back off this girl, and the girl needs to get in gear, but wow... it was soo bad.

My birthday is in one week. Get excited.
I'm hoping Hubby gets it in gear as well and gets to work planning my "party." I'm wanting to go out and celebrate at one of our local country music bars, one that everyone knows that I've never gotten around going to. I want it to be a lot of fun, just us and our friends. I hope it works out. :)

I need to get back to work, and I'm out of classroom drama stories or current hopes and wishes to tell about. Happy Thursday. :)

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