Saturday, February 07, 2009

accepting the facts.

Okay, I realize it's been a while, and I have no excuses for not writing. Maybe it's because I'm NOT stressed for once- no need to purge? Maybe. But anyways, in the last half-a-month, I've started getting adjusted to my spring schedule. I am in freaking love with yoga. Like, really. LOVE IT. I'm able to keep up on most days rather well, and I've gotten addicted to the burning pain in my arms, shoulders, quads, and abs. I hate excercise with a passion, so for me to really like this is strange, but I think it's because the instructer really emphasises this as time to think about nothing but your own spirit. No worries, no stress, no to-do lists allowed. We focus on our breathing so much, I find myself completely thinking of nothing else but my lungs, and it's completely exhilarating to free your mind of the world. The positions feel more like stretches, and I love that I don't feel intimidated by them, and in fact, I hear many of them can help give you some flexability in the sack, if you know what I mean, LOL... I will say that going back to the cancer- I mean tanning- bed has helped me feel better, too... I go 3 times a week, so now I've gotten a light tan that will be perfect for spring, and those UV lights help my mood (lovely little sunlight endorphines are the best kind ever!) and I know it's helping me get my Vitamin D. Not to mention the fact that I get a killer nap in the thing. So call them cancer beds if you want, I love it... This brings me to my classes. Geology is so-so... My professor is so crazy, she's old, deaf, and endearing. She is truly concerned for our learning and talks to us like we're fourth graders, yet mumbles to herself about quantom theory and talks in circles. I'm sure she's somewhere between sinile genious and sweet old lady.I asked her one day what the formula was that I needed to use for measuring volume on a beaker. She was stunned at my math/science deficency... She patted me on the head one day, and has determined to transform me into a math whiz... HA! Good luck, I say. I've accepted the fact that I suck at math. She needs to, as well! My education courses are great, mostly because some of my best friends from school are in them, and we are all going to be teaching the same thing, so it just fits. And, I'm learning to really appreciate my advisor. I used to hate the fact that she didn't seem to have a nurturing bone in her body, and the fact that she can come off as a drill sargent, but I'm seeing now that we are just totally different in how we express our concern; she is not the overly-caring, social, lovable type... she shows her feelings in seemingly cold ways, while I'm the warm & fuzzy type. I had this break through that she's much like my mother in law in many ways. Math minded, very logical and factual, and not terribly affectionate, but strong and caring and shows love in her own ways. It's not that she doesn't care, she just shows in differently than I'm used to. This was pretty huge for me. She promised some of us MLED majors that she'd be making sure we find jobs in the coming year. It was a huge weight off my shoulders, with everyone screaming about the economy. I'm really learning to accept the fact that my advisor and I are going to always be very, very different, but she also is in my corner all the way. :)
In other news, we are looking for a truck for Jake. I'm pretty excited about that.
I just wish we could buy a brand new one; he deserves so much... OH, and I took a pregnancy test a few days ago... we're still good and childless. Much to my dismay/pleasure. The baby bug continues. I just have accept that right now is not the time to be pregnant, as much as I want it.

I've seriously got some housecleaning to do. I need to shower. And, it's a beautiful day. I'm going to go enjoy it!


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