Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sign me up for the antidepressants... well, not just yet.

I heard about something on a blog recently about women suffering from postnuptial depression. I sort of chuckled at the thought, but as I read about how frustrating and depressing it is when you spend so much of your time and money and put so much heart into planning your wedding, once it's over and the emotional rush of the whole thing is over, it's enough to put you into a bit of depression. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true this was! Just the other day, my mom & her sisters and I went out for a Girls' Day shopping trip. We happened to go into the Paper Factory, where they sell all kinds of party supplies (I don't know how we ended up in there, but we did!) and I got to going down the wedding aisle... I was just blue, whining that there was nothing for me on that aisle anymore... and I did the same thing a Hobby Lobby. And NOW I am able to find all kinds of cute "engaged" or "getting married" graphics online now, and when we were engaged and I was looking, I found nothing! So, since everyone these days has some affliction, I guess this is now mine. I've got postnuptial depression. I bet "baby-fever" would cure it! LOL... ah, eventually... I can't talk about babies much because it makes me want one so bad. I'm not on any BCP, and I'm trying to get a Norplant put in so that it will force me to wait. I want to go to grad school and I want to put Jake through grad school as well, so I want us to have time to travel and spend a few years just the two of us, so five years would be nice, but like I said, thinking about babies too much makes the natural mother in me ache to have a baby right now... which is not an option.

I am also kind of blue about the weather. It's soooo cold, it's in the single digits. I can't stand it. What's worse is that I'm having to wear dress clothes today for the interviews I'm going to today, so that's gonna make it even worse. And wouldn't you know that I'm wearing the outfit I wore to my grandpaw's funeral... and today makes exactly 12 years since my granny's funeral. Blah, I hate feeling sad.

At least I have some very happy news that I think this semester is gonna be a lot easier that I have had in the past, and I am in LOOOOOOOVE with my yoga class! I will definitely be blogging about that as I learn more and more. I'm going to the tanning bed and working out as well, so that's making me feel a little more pretty, which is always helpful.

I've got so much more to talk about, and I'm happy that I'm not as down as I usually am in January- this is my least favorite month. Valentines Day always helps shake off that wintery dreariness for me, and this one promises to be even better since it's our first as hubby and wife. =)

I need to go, so I'm not rushing today... I HAVE got to post the recipe for Cast Iron Sirloin, which Jake made for me last night... the single best steak, everrr.

Love to all.

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