Saturday, January 03, 2009

My first try at graphics...

So for a while now I've been wanting to learn how to do HTML/CSS & make my own graphics & layouts for my blog & my Myspace... well, I finally made my first layout. In "researching" graphics and the people who make them, I've seen some girls get pretty nasty about making sure you tell where you find any and everything... I understand the desire to get credit for your hard work & the hours you spend creating these things, but if you upload it to the internet, you are, in one way or another, putting up there for anyone, anywhere to 'jock' or take without your permission... so stop whining!! Anyways, not that this matters b/c I'm currently locked out of my Myspace... I tried changing my password & for some reason I can't log in now... oh well. :(
But I still want to learn to make pretty things.
I've realized that that exact phrase- "making pretty things" -more or less sums up my hobbies.... scrapbooking, cooking, bartending & mixing drinks, baking, sewing, painting, gardening, photography, decorating, and now graphic designing... I like that all of my interests & hobbies fit into that nice little phrase...

So without further addo.. here's my first Myspace creation!
layout preview
This isn't the prettiest thing ever, but the extended network banner was created 100% by me using Xara Xtreme (Corel?) and the background image came from Google Images (although I could have made it, I now know how!) but I just wish I could have done the coding by myself, so I had to use a layout generator online; which explains why I can't seem to get the table width on the right side to be even with the banner I made... but not so bad for a complete beginner! =)

No need to post the code, right? Who's gonna sang a layout with mine & hubby's pic on it!? lol...

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