Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Health Insurance, Ethan Frome, & Myspace make me blue.

So I've been spending my free time reading Ethan Frome & researching insurance terms.

Let me just make it clear that if I ever am a housewife like I've been this week, I'd go insane if I didn't volunteer, work part-time, or something. Just throwing that out there.

The reasons I am reading Ethan Frome is I'm going to be reading it in ENGLE 519 this semester- I read it way back when I took AP English & had forgotten what it was about. Slowly, it's coming back, and I'm remembering why I didn't like it so much... so freaking sad. It makes me blue, the poor guy needs to be loved, to cared for, and appreciated. And the setting, my gosh. Starkfield, Massachusetts. Really? Could it get any more bleak & gloomy? Needless to say, reading this book isn't exactly conducive to helping me shake the rainy day blues that have a hold of me. I've been feeling kind of down, & I have no idea why. I'm feeling fine physically. Not stressed, not busy. Loved & adored. Fine all around, really. I think it has a lot to do with the weather. It's been so wet & foggy & just blahhhh lately. And I've not done anything really exciting in a while. Christmas was great, New Years was okay... maybe it was New Years that got me into this slump. Anyways, I'm hoping Springtime & starting a new semester will pull me out of it. As dumb as this is, being ignored by Myspace after emailing them numerous times to get my password reset hasn't helped. Going cold-turkey from Myspace is like a smoker quitting after living off a pack a day.

So this brings me to my quest for health insurance. I got up this morning and got dressed & went to the OB/GYN. I had an appointment to talk about getting a Norplant in my arm, which would keep me from getting preggo for about 5 years, as Jake & I are hoping. Anyways, I got myself mentally prepared for the visit... I haven't had an invasive exam since... well... ever. My general doctor has never seen a reason for me to have a pelvic exam if my BCP was working just fine and everything was normal, so naturally, I didn't object. Who would? So, since the Norplant (or even the possibility of an IUD) would require an OB/GYN to do, my doctor refered me to a Gynocologists' office down the street & set up an appointment. I got there, went about the usual routine of signing papers & showing my insurance card, when the lady suddenly got huffy and told me my insurance didn't cover me. I was like, UH... WHAT?

As it turns out, my dad's insurance was supposedly going to cover me even if I had gotten married & changed my name because of the fact that I am still a full time student.
This would be so much better than putting me on Hubby's insurance since it was gonna cost us about $5oo/month for him to cover me... and with him being a teacher, that's a huge chunk of his check. So the people at my daddy's work called & checked with the insurance company, and they supposedly said I was fine as long as I was full time student, regardless of my marital status or last name. WRONG-O. I was trying to explain this at the desk at doctor's office this morning, but she said they wouldn't take it. She ended up calling the insurance company herself and come to find out, Daddy's work must have never notified them that I was married and had assumed I would file under my maiden name... the lady told me that's borderline insurance fraud! I was stunned!! Needless to say, the people at my daddy's work put me in a sticky position. The only way they'd been covering me was under the impression my last name was the same- who knows if these people at Daddy's work even told them I was married! So naturally, as soon as this lady at the OB/GYN told the insurance company I was married, they dropped me right then. I had walked in with insurance, and walked out with none. I left the office without being seen, completely shocked & infuriated. It's also quite frustrating to get yourself prepared for an exam like that & then it suddenly not happen, you know? Anyways, I got home, got on my laptop & started hunting for my own insurance. I barely knew what a copay was, much less, the diference between a PPO & an HMO. And what the deductible covered, and all that other jargon was. I started making quote requests and got a phone call from a company immediately, ironically, the same company who dropped me just today!! It ended up being much more affordable to buy it from them individually, than for me to be put on Jake's work's plan. I called & made sure it was the same company, that my doctors all accepted them, and the signed up, with help from my mom. What's even more ironic is that Hubby has no idea any of this has happened. In the time he's been at work, I've lost my insurance, got new insurance, and learned an entire dictionary full of insurance terminology.
One battle over and won. Now, on to dinner.

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