Monday, October 06, 2008

New focus.

I am definitely behind on updating my blog about my life. Here is it in a nutshell:
Summer was full of wedding madness. We did get married on June 14th! It was beautiful! We honeymooned in Mexico and I wish we could have stayed for WEEKS. :)
School has started and now Jake is teaching 4th grade math and science at an elementary school a few miles from our house. I am still commuting to Winthrop and it's about to KILL me. I am incredibly ready to graduate.
I'm thinking about selling Thirty One Gifts. It's a Christian company, they have cute stuff, and I could use the money.
I am tired a lot. If I wasn't on the Pill, I'd think I'm preggo as emotional and exhausted as I have been lately. Jake and I have been fighting the last few weeks alot. I think it's because we need a break. School is just pulling us apart. No time to talk, to love, to laugh... it's taking its toll. So we are in the midst of planning a little retreat to work on US time.

I'm hoping to shift the use of my blog as less of a journal of retelling, but more of reflection. And not just as a new wife, Christian, and young woman in a hectic world, but as a student. I want to use it to study and grow. So, that being said, here's my first attempt at using my blog for studying and learning...

What's on the menu:
Geography: I have a test on Wednesday. I'll be making notecards after I finish my post. I am also working on a paper.
Here is the premise...
This assignment will have you read the journal article titled “The Population Implosion” (Foreign Policy,
March/April 2001 ‐ and in
conjunction with the class lecture on population answer the following series of questions:
1. What are the “three tendencies” that are identified in the paper? Provide a brief description of each.

2. The article suggests that many of the “most developed” nations have sub‐replacement fertility regimes, yet many of these nations continue to exhibit overall population growth. What accounts for this continued increase and what impact does this have on the country as a whole?

3. What reasons can be suggested that might explain a declining birth rate? What has changed in society that has prompted or encouraged a declining birth rate?

4. Despite advances in medical technology and gains made post WWII many countries are
experiencing an increase in death rates – what factors or reasons might account for this, explain?

5. What impacts does an ever aging population have on society? Explain your answer.

6. What impacts does a rapidly growing population as a result of natural increase have on countries that are experiencing it? How does carrying capacity relate to these impacts?

Okay, so that needs to be done.

OMG, I love this class! It's fun, it's interesting, and it's soooo applicable. I am doing a paper in here on my diet based off an anaylsis of my own diet. As it turns out, I am only consuming an average of 1375 calories a day, WAYYY under what a woman who's active and planning a pregnacy in years to come. And I learned what vitamins and minerals I am super low on. I gotta write a paper on this. Easy enough. and Fun.

Those where my classes I had today. I need to go shower and get started on note cards. I think I am currently blogged out for now.

OH, BTW. I am IN LOVE with the fall season. We went to the fair last week and got the traditional roast turkey leg, ear of corn, vinegar fries, and homemade lemonade. May just say, those foods are a once-a-year gift from above! I love fall!
Cleveland Co. Fair 2008

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