Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I've always thought of politics in terms of opposites. Red, Blue. Left, Right. Democrat or Republican. But, I think I am really beginning have an ephiany about it all.
My simplistic understanding of Americans politics changed drastically when I met Jake, who was the first person to make me see that my views where my own choice, not what color state I was born into, nor the party affiliation of my childhood household. Then, I came to college. My view of politics suddenly didn't consist of merely blue and red, but PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE.... and taking PLSC 201 only made me open my eyes further into the complexity of American politics and the plague of bipartisonship. It was.... life changing. In watching the nightly news tonight, I watched a Campaign '08 segment and I thought about faith, politics, and Republicans. I have always though of myself as conservative and now I see a little libertarian in me, too. But, now, Repulicans like many in my family are scratching my head, because there is no real clear conservative canidate this time. The Republicans are very left, the Democrats are more right than I can ever recall, and it's perplexing. Many people of faith, particulary Christians who oppose abortion and homosexuality, are stumped at what to do. We usually vote based on who holds our moral values most closely, but now, at least to me, it's not clear who that canidate is. Maybe this is a good thing? Think of George W. The reason he had my support as a president came from his moral platform, yet he has left the country in disarray and not lead us to any solutions for education, healthcare, energy, etc... we as CHRISTIANS are voting on morals, not for our nation's well being. Maybe its a good thing there is no clear Christian, pro-life, anti-homosexuality, moral canidate to take that majority vote, maybe that's what's got us here. We live in a country that prides itself on freedom, especially the freedom of religion. It was the foundation on which we were founded! I think it's time we took our own advise, and "free" our votes of religion, too. We need to focus on the issues that affect our nation, like healthcare, energy, social security, the list goes on, and let religion be personal. I would LOVE it if every leader, every expert, everyone who I depend on to take charge held my same Christian values, but the Bible says the road is narrow and not many will take it. That being said, we need to let politicians have the same freedom we do, to be whatever religion they want, and appropriate our votes based on the issues we face as a country.
Wow. I just wrote an essay because I wanted to. Isn't blogging beautiful?

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