Sunday, November 18, 2007

making it.

time is slipping out of my hands.
we are getting the house a whole month sooner than we expected! its exciting but scary!! we have our first payment due 12/10....right in the middle of my finals.
i am overbooked and over committed. i just wanna go to school, work on my house, go to work and church, spend time with the people i love, and plan this wedding. i am trying to keep my goal in mind--- FAITH. it's all gonna be okay. it's all gonna work out.

i am also making peace with the fact that some friends just aren't dedicated. period. that's okay, i am gonna love them anyways, even when i think they hurt me and don't deserve it or whatever. i mean, isn't that a Christian responsibilites...unconditional love????

and plus, i am seeing more and more who will be there for me for the long hall.... whitney is unbelievable. she's honest, loving, responsible, and real. she cares and she always tries. she is the picture of a real friend. and it means so much to me....
and true friendship comes from folks you sometimes least expect.... encouraging words from friends i didn't expect to notice my need... and wow, what an amazing thing to hear!

i am still scared and nervous. stressed, worried, and busy.

but i KNOW i am blessed, and i am happy. most certainly happy.

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