Tuesday, October 09, 2007


i'm sorta running late this morning. even though i woke up before my alarm went off, which i seem to be doing alot lately. i did some chores, and for some reason, getting ready forces me to realize i must actually go to class (la clase de espanol es el diablo!)and go take my test. :( blah.

last night, a photography friend of mine took me to dark room. it was really neat. i kinda felt like a kid asking so many questions, but it was fun. we set the date for our engagement pics. i can't wait....

so much stuff is happening in my life. sometimes i wonder if i'll wake up and i'll still be a 7th grader, clinging to my pillow in my old bedroom. other times, i wonder if i blink, will 20 years go flying by? funny how time messes with my head.

i am working on bettering myself. i've set some new goals. my main one is a positive attitude, which if any of my close friends read this, they'd know it seems odd that someone as bubbly as me needs a more positive attitude. but it's true. sometimes being tired, over-booked, over-worked, and sleepless makes me sour, and i show it too much. so my goal is to look at even the biggest challenges and obsticales as a positive thing.

despite this ridiculously hard test i may fail, it's gonna be a good day. :)

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