Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I give this day to You

I woke up this morning because of the cars. Around 6 or 7-ish, the noise grows as everyone heads off for the morning commute. It's not that loud, but you notice the horns, trucks, especially in a light sleep. So, I am up an hour earlier than I really need to be. It's okay, it's relaxing. I like extra time so I can really give the day to go and talk to Him. A good conversation, too. I am tired of having conversations with Him in passing, kinda like just whenever I get two seconds in my busy day to just say hello. He is my Father, He know every part of me and every detail that makes me the person I am and despite my flaws, He loves it. All of it. Unconditionally. Yet, I'm like, "sorry, Big Guy, I am reallllllly busy right now...." That make's absolutely no sense. My world should revolve around Him, not Him around my world which it tends to do. So, God, since I know He hears me, I give this day to You. Make me listen to You, see You in all things, make each thing I do full of Your Spirit. Amen.

I am tired of Winthrop. It's that move off campus thing again. I need to get away! This place suffocates me. I have too much to do and no desire to do any of it. I bought another issue of Modern Bride last night at Walgreens. Whoops. Big mistake. It was much better than my CRTW paper. My own procrastination kicks me in the butt alot, but I usually enjoy whatever it is I am doing instead. :) I talked to the florist and booked him and got my homework.... to look for pictures of what I would like for my flowers and such, hence the Modern Bride... I am so ready for this wedding. I spent Thurs night-Sunday with Jake this weekend. I felt cold waking up alone on Monday morning in the dorm. It's amazing how reassurng it is to fall asleep on your best friend and wake up each morning, starting your day with his kiss. One more day til Wednesday...

The house is also worrying me. God, I need Your help hereeee. The owner is being slow and a little slack about getting this contract signed and finished. I wish we could just get that done. It makes me nervous. But, I am trusting You, Lord, to take care of this, help us along, keep this working out, and give me patience that only You can. I need to stop worrying, I just want all of our hopes to not be in vain. Let me know You have this in Your Hands, God... show me that I can stop worrying and that it will alll fall in place.

I need to go take a shower. I just wish it was in our new tub in the house and not these icky dorm showers (grosssss) and get ready for la clase de espanol. God, help me there, too!

Yeah, I am okay. I am tired, lazy, and worried, but blessed with a heart that sometimes I thik will explode with true, amazing, unconditional love. It's gonna be a good day. I know it.

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