Monday, October 15, 2007

Big News!

Big Time Update!
Jake (that would be my other half, by the way) and I found a house!
It's a 3 bed/ 2 ba brick house with a garage and pool! I am so incredibly happy about it. Things seem to be working out. We are working on signing a contract right now. I can't wait to see that for sale sign come down and our autographs on that contract! It's absolutely perfect.
Our parents are doing well with the idea. I truly have been bracing myself for the apron strings to get tighter....I assumed out parents (especially mine) would be struggling more with letting go, but they are all being so supportive. I feel so blessed!
I really feel like I am getting to a crossroads in my life. I feel like I have grown up. Yeah, I'm still young and probably naive about many, many things. But, still. I feel like I am actually an adult with those responsibilities. I also feel like it's time to pull away from Winthrop, too. I am way too involved and committed to things I can't put on my priority list. I have bigger fish to fry these days. It's kinda difficult to say sorry guys I gotta quit this program, I have to be a wife and pay for a house, but I am gonna have to. I am not a college girl anymore. I can only spread myself so thin. So, that being said, I am changing things around.
Planning my wedding has gotten shoved to the back burner, I have been so busy being involved with this, that, and the other. I met with my AMAZING wedding coordinator yesterday. I now have a huge to do list for that, and I can't get behind on it. I am focusing more on my academics, too.
So here is the new game plan:
-loved one
-house/wedding plans
-social life/involvements
In that order, too. I am not Superwoman. I refuse to try to be anymore. There.

I am on Fall Break right now. It's nice to get away from campus. It reminds me of how much I will enjoy being a commuter and getting away more often. Living on campus was great, but I feel suffocated having to always be there. Getting to come back to my own home every evening is going to do wonders for my attitude. Which is another thing I have been working on. I have made a goal to be overall more positive (inside and out) and it seems to be working.
I am gonna have dinner with my high school English teacher tomorrow. I'm excited about it. I will always think of her as another mother-figure in my life and I can't wait to share with her all of my big news, my goals, plans, sucesses and failures.

Life is really good these days. I am happy, and pretty proud of myself for trying to do my best.

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